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Vol. XLV No. 35, 2008-03-31
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Rs190807.47cr. Interest

It is very disturbing to note that Union Budget 2008 provides its highest spending towards payment of interest – Rs190807.47crores, approximately Rs1900 per head. It is much more than what we spend on our Defence, Education, Health Care etc. Whereas the Creator and Sustainer of all, in His last testament forbidden usury to safeguard human society. How can a Finance Ministry or Government uplift or safeguard its people by paying such huge portion of resources for interest?

Most Relevant Issue

From the moment I’ve read the theme of the next ‘key’ issue of Radiance, I am eagerly waiting for it. Testifying the relevance of all aspects of the Prophet’s life is the need of the hour. A planet full of riots on one hand, and the believers of peace watching from a distance on the other, demands a Herculean task on the latter’s part.

The message of Last Apostle of Peace in our hands is a dose of oxygen for the breathless humanity today. Masses,... More

Scrapping of One-Child Policy

The Chinese government has scrapped the un-Islamic one-child policy of 1979, after realising its bad effects. One couple has to shoulder four parents and eight grand-parents but the youngsters are becoming materialistic and selfish. Also, life expectancy has increased from 50 in 1949 to 72 in 2006. The elderly feel lonely and are looking desperately for someone who cares. The able among them adopt or hire young women to take care of household chores and give them company. ... More

US Losing the War

The US and its allies are not only losing the war in Afghanistan, but their military alliance, the NATO, is also on the verge of unravelling as a result of this failure. This has also been expressed by many US and British officials including Rice. No member-state of NATO is willing to contribute any more forces since there is very less public support for their militaries’ missions, embarked upon essentially to appease the US. This war is almost certainly un-winnable and instead of going... More

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