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US Losing the War

Readers Pulse

The US and its allies are not only losing the war in Afghanistan, but their military alliance, the NATO, is also on the verge of unravelling as a result of this failure. This has also been expressed by many US and British officials including Rice. No member-state of NATO is willing to contribute any more forces since there is very less public support for their militaries’ missions, embarked upon essentially to appease the US. This war is almost certainly un-winnable and instead of going in deeper, as the US is urging, NATO should sensibly plan an exit strategy. But as the US control of Afghanistan becomes weak, the USA is foolishly extending the war in Pakistan in hopes of undermining support for the Afghan resistance. This is a dangerous game, similar to the failed policy of extending in Laos and Cambodia when the US was on the verge of defeat in Vietnam. Pakistan too is paying a heavy price for America’s “un-winnable” imperialist war. The US seems quite happy to fight to the last Pakistani soldier, and Musharraf, the Pakistani president, is prepared to oblige in order to save his own skin.

Solomon Zachary
Vikaspuri, New Delhi

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