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Muslim World

The Muslim Brotherhood decided to run in the Municipal elections on April 8, in order to practise its constitutional and legal rights, and play a vital role in building the society and develop Egypt through the local councils to improve the spectrum of services they provide. The MB is determined to carry out this role in spite of aggressions its members and leaders are facing at the hand of the corrupts and tyrants including arbitrary detentions, and freezing assets, let alone the violations and obstacles put against candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood. In preparation for the upcoming elections, the Muslim Brotherhood nominated 5754 candidates nationwide, however, only 498 succeeded to register, while 831 were unjustly detained by security forces, and the rest were forcibly and physically prevented from reaching the registration offices to submit their candidacy papers. Around 3912 lawsuits were filed by disfranchised candidates and 2664 received favourable court orders to run for elections while the remaining lawsuits are still pending. 

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