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Vol. XLVI No. 5, 2008-05-06
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On Reply to Naipaul
I congratulate Prof. U. Mohamed Iqbal for his brilliant point-by-point reply to the views of Sir V.S. Naipaul, on Islam. (Radiance Viewsweekly, 16-22 March 2008). Sir Naipaul, may be a prolific and well-known writer but when it is Islam or Muslims, he tends to express a biased view, lacking a sense of fair play. If he may perhaps go through Professor Sahib’s write-up, a bit carefully, his views on Islam may change, Insha Allah.
It is not new to Islam that many bri... More
Ban Alcohol
Whether colas contain pesticides or not, or addiction to these drinks can lead to diabetes or not, some people don’t want to take risk and want to ban them. How can they forget that alcohol is more dangerous?
Alcohol leads to soaring crimes, increasing mental illness and millions of broken homes. According to US national crime victimisation survey bureau of justice an average 2,700 rapes took place everyday in the year 1996. Most of the rapists were intoxicated. Doctors sa... More
CJI under RTI Act or Not
It refers to contradictory views of Chief Justice of India and Lok Sabha Speaker on the issue of CJI being covered under ‘Right To Information Act’ for information relating to office of Chief Justice. When heads of constitutional bodies like President, Governors or Speakers of legislative bodies listed as competent authorities under section 2(e) being heads of respective constitutional bodies as public-authorities under section 2(h) are covered by RTI Act without any resistance,... More
Largest Terrorist Network
The Naxal Movement was started in sixties by Charu Mujumdar and Kanu Sanyal. Today thousands of armed Naxal rebels are indulging in violence, murders, loot, arson, etc, in 167 districts of 14 sates. They have killed thousands of people including policemen and officers. They have blown up police jeeps, buses, rail tracks and raided police and railway stations. In Andhra Pradesh they had attacked Chief Minister Janadhan Reddy’s car and entourage. In Jharkhand Naxals had killed 18 innoce... More
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