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Terrorism: Who is Responsible?



When we analyse state of affairs in today’s world, the fact becomes obvious that Muslims find themselves in an era about which Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him) had forewarned: “O Muslims, you shortly would face a period when all the nations of the world unite and invite each other to strike at you. They invite so vehemently as if it is an invitation to a feast!”
The present-day image of Muslims is nothing but that of a “terrorist tribe.” Certainly, there existed many types of terrorist outfits in the world before the 9/11 terror, but none of them was categorised in relation to their religion.
The prolonged war between England and Ireland left numerous people dead, but from no quarters it was termed as “Christian terrorism.”
Spanish province of Pais Basco adjoining with French border is bearing the brunt of a separatist movement. A group called ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) is carrying out frequent bomb blasts. None has labelled this terrorism as “Catholic terrorism.”
Sri Lanka is home for a terrorist outfit called “Tamil Tigers” who are operating there for a long time. Again, none has called these activities as “Buddhist Terrorism.”
Gujarat witnessed merciless massacre of Muslims. It has been alleged that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and extremist Hindus (associated with Sangh Parivar) are responsible for the heinous crime. Again, from no quarters it was termed as “Hindu terrorism.”
Unfortunately, any terrorist activity happening anywhere in the world gets the tag of “Muslim terrorism” automatically. It is indeed saddening and outrageous that the Muslim countries are playing the role of agents of the west in this anti-Islamic campaign.
From times immemorial it is evident that the history of terrorism in the name of religion is synonymous with Christianity. When St. Martin Luther revolted against Catholic ideology and founded the “Protestant” sect, his followers were brutally victimised. The followers of Catholic ideology killed the “Protestants” mercilessly, burnt them alive, burnt their houses, and raped their women.
The world has faced two World Wars till now and these wars were among the Christian countries. No Muslim country was a party to these wars. World War I that lasted from 1914 to 1918 took a toll of 20 million lives. World War II killed 60 million people.  
In the erstwhile Soviet Union, Russia curbed the fundamental rights of Muslim States. No international organisation came into action on this open terrorism of Russia.
Serbs carried out open genocide on the helpless and hapless Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina. Yet, the whole world including the western countries, the so-called champions of the human rights were mere spectators.
A war was thrust upon the innocent Afghan citizens for 30 long years. They were burdened with poverty and severe hardships. The US declared these helpless civilians as “terrorists.” The super power waged a war on the starving nation, pounded tones of bombs, deteriorating their conditions miserably.
The anti-Islamic thirst of the US and its western allies remained unquenched. The US invaded Iraq and ruined it with the cooperation of western allies. Sabotaged a peaceful and prosperous nation.
The US and its western allies have turned the flourishing cities like Kabul, Kandahar, Baghdad, Faluja, Karbala, and Najaf Ashraf into graveyards; and still this devastation is going on. Contrary to this, no Muslim country has ever committed an act of aggression on any other country. But Muslims are condemned as the epicentre of terrorism by today’s world.
Israel has imposed aggression on Palestine for many years. This is the world’s biggest act of terrorism; yet, no one has termed it as “Jewish terrorism.” The Israeli terrorism is an acknowledged fact. The world peace is under threat due to established terrorism of Israel. Still, the US and its western allies are safeguarding Israel and are equal partners in its terrorist activities.
On the other hand, the US, its western allies, and Israel are continuously conspiring against Islam. They are collaborating in malicious campaign against the Holy Qur’an and Prophet Mohammad (may Allah bless and greet him). The first salvo was fired from Denmark in the form of offensive cartoons. Next, a Holland MP dared to make an anti-Qur’an film. Even as the distressed Muslims were busy protesting all over the world, these forces unleashed other evil designs that perturbed Muslim sentiments.
In France, herds of Christians ran over Muslim burial ground and placed pig skulls on the graves. They defaced grave plaques and wrote words of wickedness on it.
What is the reason for the west’s hostility towards Islam? What do they want to achieve with resentment against Islam? These are the questions that need to be analysed.
The first thing to ponder over in this context is Islam’s unique supremacy. Islam is the world’s only religion that provides balanced system of justice and the complete constitution of life for humanity. Western intellectuals consider it a threat to the western interests, fearing that the Islamic culture would ingest their own culture.
They have set forth four objectives to eradicate Islam.
1.             The first target is the Holy Qur’an. The Qur’an is the true Word of God and only holy book, which remains intact in original form. Their conspiracy is to shift the Qur’an from the position of finality, authenticity and authority, to that of controversy, and to make it an issue of debate. They have had made this type of wicked attempts in the past. They have published versions of the Qur’an misplacing the chronological order of the verses.
They have initiated and strengthened movements in the name of the Qur’an and Islam that were actually against Islam. Most prominent examples of such movements in our region are “Qadiyani Madhab” and “Pervaizi” school of thought.
2.             Their second target is to declare the Qur’anic precept of “Jihad fi sabeel Allah” (tireless strivings in the way of Allah) as a barbaric act of killing so as to curb the craving for Jihad and the desire of Shahadah (martyrdom, to die in the cause of Allah) from the Muslims. They have appointed agents among Muslims who misinterpret the concept of “Jihad” and “Qitaal” (killing). Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani declared, “Killing for religion is forbidden.” On this, Allama Iqbal had quipped thus: “The Shaikh decrees that this is the age of pen, the sword is no more effective in the world.”
3.             Their third target is the supreme personality of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him). Their heinous plan is to make him a controversial personality in order to eradicate his love and respect from the mind and heart of Muslims. The west has clearly understood that unless and until the relationship of love and respect that Muslims have with Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him) is totally cut off, it would be impossible to weaken them. Allama Iqbal has summed up this western mentality thus: “These ravenous (Muslims) have not a fraction of fear of death; remove the soul of Muhammad from their body.”
Based on this agenda, they released offensive cartoons. In concurrence with these objectives, they provided asylum for Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen, and conferred Rushdie with the title of “Sir.” This was done by the great champion of “freedom of thought, speech, and human rights” – the Great Britain. 
4.             Their fourth target is the “Uswaye Hasana,” or the Prophet’s Sunnah. The detailed treasures of practical life of Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him) are available in Hadith, or traditions. Hence, they have embarked upon the criminal task of misleading about the traditions with malicious thoughts. The policy is to make the source itself (the books of traditions) doubtful. They call as outmoded all the Islamic signs such as customs, manners, beard, cap, turban, miswak, hairstyle, and lifestyle. They ridicule those Muslims who follow these signs. All this is in line with this policy.
Owing to this reason, the so-called “Muslim intellectuals” and “Muslim Ulema (scholars)” presented on the televisions of Muslim countries are beardless and bare-headed.
To counter these evil objectives of the west, we have to clear our misgivings about religion and rectify shortcomings in our practice of religion.
In this context, it is our essential duty to propagate the true concept of Jihad to the people.
The first misunderstanding about Jihad is that Jihad only means war against non-Muslims. This concept is actually planted and propagated by the west. Ironically, majority of people are under the influence of this assumption.
The Qur’anic revelation for war is “Qitaal fi Sabeel Allah.” Whereas “Jihad fi Sabeel Allah” means the effort to establish truth over self, society, and political and economic system. The uppermost Jihad is against the self – to discipline it. In the words of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him), “the greatest Jihad is to struggle against your self to make it obedient to the Will of God.” Every Muslim does this every moment! Whereas the war will not happen all the time!!  
The misconception of Jihad resulted in further fallacy. As the war will not happen all the time, the meaning of Jihad shifted from “Farz-e-Aain” (obligatory duty) to “Farz-e-Kifaya” (optional responsibility).
This misconception of Jihad also implied that whenever Muslims waged a war it was construed as “Jihad fi Sabeel Allah.” Although, a Muslim can be, due to ignorance, a rude and oppressive ruler.
Unfortunately, the Muslim kings’ wars for power were also wrongly construed as “Jihad fi Sabeel Allah.” Whereas, according to traditions of the Prophet (Ahadith), “Qitaal fi Sabeel Allah is a war fought for supremacy of the name of Allah.”
The distinction between Jihad and Qitaal is clear. Jihad means struggle (with the word ‘against’ attached to it). That means, “struggle against” and to remove the obstacles in fulfilling an objective.
Now, the western world – Christians and Jewish – are unleashing all forces to malign Islam. To confront this, we have to understand the message of the Qur’an. The whole world is employing every force just to conceal this message of the Qur’an. 
[Translated from Urdu by Sayyid Anwer Ibrahim ( for United Media Services]

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