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Vol. XLVI No. 17, 2008-07-27
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A Mockery of Democracy
The UPA government’s lobbying with the IAEA board of governors, just four days ahead of seeking trust vote is a blatant mockery of democracy.  It smacks of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s obsession to see the ‘Deal’ cross the first hurdle, even if he fails to get the magic number on the D-Day.  The bogey of nuclear energy raised as the panacea for our energy needs is false, as it is expected to contribute only 8 per cent to the total energy basket by th... More
Shelve the Deal, Save the Govt
Why has Manmohan Singh shown such a tearing hurry and desperation to sign the Indo-US deal?  A situation is emerging when he will save neither the deal nor the government. If the elections are held now, the biggest losers will be the UPA. The events of last few days have made the chances of the UPA slimmer than ever. People may not forgive the Congress for throwing away a government for a deal, the merits of which are dubious. Common man wonders what good is there in the deal which wil... More
Advani's Real Face
You will be astonished to know that the BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate Mr. L.K. Advani is preaching about “Unity of faith”, as such he uttered the word “Allah” several times in his 20 minutes long speech in a gathering of Muslim women. His favourite words were “Ram”, “Jay Shri Ram”, “Ram Rajya”, and “Ram Janmabhoomi”, but now he is trying to present himself as a “secular” while his parental party do... More
Water crisis in Palestine
The water crisis has started early this year in the Palestinian Territories. In scores of towns and villages throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, people listen eagerly for the gurgle of water in pipelines, and turn on their taps, watching anxiously for the first drops to appear. Others watch and wait for the arrival of water tankers, transporting the life-giving liquid to them from distant sources across an obstacle course of roadblocks, checkpoints and military closures put in place by... More
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