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Tell Me the Truth about Prisoner 650

Human Rights


The FBI lost much of its credibility when its chief J Edgar Hoover was revealed to be a transvestite who preferred to be called Mary. Hoover, probably the most powerful man in America some say even more powerful than the presidents he served under, was the originator of dirty tricks campaign and kept a lot of dirt on other people in his files.
The only players who were immune to Hoover’s secret files were those who had secrets of their own about his personal life – namely, the Mafia. Mafia bosses obtained information about Hoover’s sex life and used it for decades to keep the FBI at bay. Without this, the Mafia as we know it might, never have gained its hold in America.
In May of 1972, Hoover – approaching his fifty-five-year anniversary with the Justice Department – boasted that the FBI remained the organisation that he built upon his own principles and standards – of course now we know exactly what standards Hoover aka Mary had.
The FBI never really recovered its power or prestige once Hoover was ousted as a cross dresser. There was more scandal to follow when Acting Director L. Patrick Gray was forced to resign after being caught up in the Watergate drama which brought down President Richard Nixon aka Tricky Dicky.
The FBI is supposed to be an institute based around freedom and democracy; instead it has become a factory from which lies and deceit are manufactured. The reason for this brief history lesson in to the FBI will now become apparent.
You see it is quite obvious that from cross dressers, liars and fraudsters, the FBI has now moved into the realms of fantasy land with the news that Dr Aafia Siddiqui has “conveniently” been found outside a governor’s office in Afghanistan with her 12-year old son ... FIVE years after her disappearance in Karachi.
According to the FBI she was in possession of “numerous documents describing the creation of explosives, as well as excerpts from the Anarchist’s Arsenal, descriptions of various landmarks in the United States, including in New York City” – you know, all the regular stuff a female terrorist would carry in her handbag!
The fantastists who concocted this story may as well have put Dr Siddiqui in Hoover’s old red dress and stiletto heels while they were on with it.
What we do know is that she has been shot at and injured. She was extradited to New York a few days ago and is being held in a prison in Manhattan down the road from the night club where Hoover used to totter around as Mary.
She faces charges of attempted murder and assault of a US officer. Hmm, after five years you would have thought there might be one or two terror charges.
Does the FBI really think we are all that stupid and gullible as many of the members of the US media?
Dr Aafia Siddiqui – who had been sought by the FBI for several years regarding terrorism according to their website – is accused of shooting at two FBI special agents, a US Army warrant officer, an Army captain and military interpreters who unknowingly entered a room where she was being held unsecured.
Can you imagine this tiny, frail woman taking on six burly US military men? These boys usually run around wearing bullet-proof vests in the shower, so paranoid are they of being attacked ... can you really imagine them bumbling into a room where an al-Qaida suspect is waiting?

She allegedly fired two shots from a rifle which somehow came within her reach, but hit no one, officials said. The warrant officer returned fire with a pistol, shooting Siddiqui at least once. She struggled with the officers before she lost consciousness, said officials, adding that she received medical attention.

The day before the shootings, Afghan police had arrested Siddiqui outside the Ghazni governor’s compound after finding bomb-making instructions, excerpts from the “Anarchist’s Arsenal,” papers with descriptions of U.S. landmarks and substances sealed in bottles and glass jars.
This all happened two weeks after I had given a press conference in Islamabad calling on the US to hand over Prisoner 650 – The Grey lady of Bagram.
My press conference with cricketer turned political leader Imran Khan was followed up by a series of hard-hitting written questions submitted to the British Government by Lord Ahmed Nazir. Politicians and lawyers within the Pakistan Government followed up with some similarly tough questions and demands.
The pressure was mounting, and fast, for the US to start answering questions about Prisoner 650 and all of their female detainees being held in secret prisons without trial and charge.
Coincidence? May be – but if the FBI think that we are going to buy the bovine scatterings they’ve released to the US media they really do live in La La Land.
Let’s look at the cold hard fact of the case.
Dr Siddiqui, 36, is an American-educated neuroscientist. Since 2003, Siddiqui’s whereabouts have been the source of much speculation. According to Amnesty International, Siddiqui and her three small children were reported apprehended in Karachi, Pakistan, on March 20, 2003 after the FBI issued an alert requesting information about her location earlier that month.
Several reports indicated Siddiqui was in US custody after her arrest in Karachi. But in May 2004 then-Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller identified Siddiqui among several sought-after al Qaeda members.

Human rights group and a lawyer for Ms. Siddiqui, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, say they believe that she has been secretly detained since 2003, for much of that time at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

“We believe Aafia has been in custody ever since she disappeared,” Ms. Sharp said in a telephone interview, “and we’re not willing to believe that the discovery of Aafia in Afghanistan is coincidence.”
American military and intelligence officials said that Ms. Siddiqui was in Pakistan for most of the past five years until she resurfaced last month and was captured by the Afghans. She and her 12-year-old son were arrested in Ghazni, Afghanistan, on July 17. The American officials accused Ms Siddiqui of trying to bomb the residence of Ghazni’s provincial governor.
Someone who also does not buy this nonsense is Asim Qureshi, Senior Researcher for the British-based international human rights organisation Cageprisoners. He has issued the following statement: “There are many questions that the FBI and the Pakistani government need to answer in light of this admission. Why have the FBI continued to pretend to be seeking her while all the while knowing of her detention in Afghanistan? Is Aafia indeed Prisoner 650 whose screams were heard by former Bagram prisoners?
“Aafia Siddiqui is a woman who has been plagued by a number of problems in her life, none of which have anything to do with involvement with Al Qaeda. During the years the US claims she was working as an operative for the organisation, she was in fact the victim of domestic violence at the hands of an abusive husband. Community members in Boston declare that she was incapable of any violence, let alone being involved with a terrorist group.
“Whilst we welcome this disclosure from the FBI, it has only come after mounting international pressure, and five years of detention and abuse. Siddiqui’s case represents the problem of disappearances in Pakistan in the most tragic way. The acceptance by the FBI that Siddiqui has been in custody in Afghanistan raises important questions which must be answered by the Pakistani and US governments. Siddiqui must be returned to Pakistan in order to face charges for any crime she may have committed or released along with her children.”
Cageprisoners has led the campaign for Aafia Siddiqui for the past three years. Since her disappearance in March 2003 in Karachi, along with her three young children, the FBI has continually denied reports of her detention and that she was in their custody.
I am proud to be a patron of Cageprisoners. Less than two weeks before this fiasco emerged I travelled to Pakistan with Cageprisoners Director, Saghir Hussain, to launch their report, Devoid of the Rule of the Law, at a press conference organised by Imran Khan.
The press conference sparked an international storm of outrage, when I asked my colleagues in the Pakistan media to put pressure on the US to identify Prisoner 650 and the release of Aafia Siddiqui.
I personally spoke with Lt Col Mark Wright at the US Pentagon who denied all knowledge of Prisoner 650 or Dr Aafia Siddiqui.
Now I don’t believe for one minute Lt Col Mark Wright was lying – in fact I did suggest to him that the people he was speaking to in Afghanistan (the FBI) might be lying to him. I did ask him to call me back when he had the facts.

Perhaps, Lieutenant Colonel Wright, you might want to make that call now and tell me the truth about Dr Siddiqui and Prisoner 650 ... but whatever you do mate, don’t get your facts from the FBI which stands for Fantasy Brigade International ... and that’s just the polite version.

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