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Vol. XLVI No. 27, 2008-10-05
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A Few Questions
Terrorism has no religion. At the same time, if innocents instead of terrorists are hunted down, then the real terrorists escape and hence the terror is not going to stop. In that sense, a few questions have been raised by human rights activists regarding the Delhi encounter.
Atif Ameen, who was killed in the encounter, had got the flat on rent in his name. The rent agreement was signed on August 25, 2008. The police verification form says there were six people living in th... More
It's No Victory
The Karnataka High Court ruling that women be allowed to serve at bars can have an adverse impact on the society. The court ruling is being seen as a victory for the Dance Bar Association in Karnataka. According to the Karnataka Excise Act of 1965, it was illegal for women to work in places serving liquor, which is why the Dance Bar Association had filed a case asking for a change in the act. The court very clearly stated that the security of women working in places that serve alcohol shoul... More
Under Scrutiny
Belatedly India’s English print media is under scrutiny. It shows how too many cooks spoil the broth. Different voices are given the space to cater to their favoured constituency of readership. There no sense of the overpowering logic of right or wrong.
The cake should be given to Times of India editorial which has once again picked up from 'his master's voice' by minimizing the fact of fake encounters as 'collateral damage'. It shows how sinisterly the western &... More
It's Ludicrous
The financial giants like Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch of the U.S., which survived even the great recession of the 1930s, had to close shop after policies of neo-liberalism have backfired. When the castles of capitalism in the U.S. are crumbling one-by-one, it is ludicrous that the Finance Minister Chidambaram still recites the reforms mantra. The UPA government has decided to place employees’ Provident fund of about Rs.3,00,000 crores in the hands of private players like HSBC AM... More
Hema's Ticketless Travelling
News regarding Hema Malini travelling without rail-ticket establishes that India has two sets of law, one for celebrities, VVIPs and influential ones while the other is for commoners. Union Railway Ministry should probe and clarify how and why no fine was imposed on Parliamentarian-actress Hema Malini for ticket-less rail-travel from Kurudwadi (Solapur) to Dadar.
Madhu Agrawal
... More
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