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Vol. XLVI No. 28, 2008-10-19
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Ecological Balance in Islam

Islam gives a holistic approach to environmental problem. The interaction of man with physical, biological and social environment is guided in Islamic teachings. There is adequate guidance in Islamic teachings regarding man’s use of environment.
The importance of Environment and as a matter of Nature is emphasised in the Qur’an and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him). There are many verses in the Qur’an describing nature and natural p... More
Islam and Eco-friendly Lifestyle

DR. NAZNEEN SADAT delves deep into the environmental hazards caused by the west and its lopsided lifestyle, and contrasts it with the balanced, eco-friendly lifestyle Islam presents, and calls upon the Muslims to take up the cudgel and come forward and play an effective and proactive role in protecting the environment.
The earth is in danger and the lives of our coming generations are under serious threat. And it is all due to the misadventures of human beings.
Evil has become rife on the land and at sea because of men’s deeds (The Qur’an 30-41)
This is the summary of the most serious crisis of our time. This is so serious that the very existence of human race is at stake. Look at the following facts and figures.
The six hottest years in recorded h... More
Qur'anic View of Environment

The Qur’an speaks of the universe as a grand State ruled by One Majestic King. And this universal system survives due to an extraordinary discipline with every single particle without failing following the Physical laws of the universe the Lord established. While the Physical laws control the universe as a whole, the planet Earth also has biological laws in place. In addition, mankind has been given the spiritual and social laws to follow. While physical and biological laws are beyond... More
Capitalism and Environment-in-Jeopardy

Mischief (fasad) has appeared on land and sea because of what men have earned by their (own) hands, thus (Allah) gives them the taste of some of their actions… (Al-Rum: 41)
Air pollution: The balancein the composition of the gases in the atmosphere has been severely affected due to the unceasing emission of hazardous gases. The ozone belt – shield from the perilous ultraviolet rays – has been severely damaged. Carbon monoxide, sulphur... More
Misuse of Water Contributing to Ecological Imbalance

PROF. M.A. HAQUE analyses how the misuse of water has contributed to ecological imbalance, finds the world at a crossroads and suggests to world leaders to decide whether they would let the wiser counsels prevail or ignore the laws governing the biosphere at the risk of annihilation.
The reckless felling of trees, denudation of hills, industrial pollution in the form of effluents from the factories, burning of fossil fuels, human and animal excreta along with excess pesticides, insecticides, weedicides and other chemicals finding their way to ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers have brought human kind to the precipice of disaster of sorts. We must reinvent agro-industrial-technological civilization to balance the self, community and other elements of nature in relation ... More
Ecological Imbalance

Allah in His infinite mercy provided humans with brain and material assets to test us if we turn the earth into a replica of paradise or create a hell on earth.
It is God who created you and then has provided with sustenance;
And then will cause you to die; and then will bring you to life again. …. (Ar-Rum: 40)
Allah has made it very clear that it is the human act that results in the destruction on earth:
[Since they have become obliv... More
Recycle Your Soul First

Ecological imbalance is the hottest topic of debate across the globe today – and that is saying it in more ways than one. Environmental degradation, deforestation, pollution, global warming – glaring realities being thrashed about in techno-scientific meeting rooms even as every summer gets blazingly hotter, as the air becomes more and more smudgy and suffocating, and as clean water increasingly becomes an impossible acquisition. These flashy terms represent a bombshell of a pro... More
Human Abode in the Grip of Total Destruction

SHAMIM A SIDDIQI laments that man has forgotten the Divine Guidance and as a result ecological imbalances are his own creation, and doubts if there is still time to right the wrong.
There are certain fundamental truths about this cosmos that we must first share with the readers to understand the entire phenomenon that is called the universe and the existence of man on earth. Our ecological situation is to be envisioned in its perspective, explaining where and how man has become a nuisance for his own abode and the environment in which he lives. The fundamentals of our existence on earth can be enumerated as under.
1. God created man with three strong urges... More
Retrospecting Green Politics

SIULI RAY delves deep into the misdoings of capitalism and calls for a strong alliance to arrest the ecological catastrophe.
Human civilization is standing at a crossroads. The security and development of mankind are endangered on a planetary scale due to the ecological devastations dictated by the world capitalists. Ecology and capitalism stand at antithetical junctures. The capitalists have abused nature, depreciated it to fulfil their narrow parochial interests, absorbed the resources of the earth, dumped wastes and unwanted remains with environment. 
The offshoots of capitalism are many and f... More
Ethological Imbalance: Where Drinking is Appreciated, Smoking is Condemned

Given the fact that Gandhiji had strong dislike for alcohol, total ban on production, marketing and consumption of all sorts of liquor would have been the best way to remember the Father of the Nation on October 2. Instead our Health Minister launched a crusade against smoking of cigarette – or say use of tobacco in all forms – in the public place.
No doubt addiction to tobacco is not a pious or healthy practice and all-out efforts should be made to contain its growt... More
Ecology in Islamic Perspective

“The roots of our ecological crises are axiomatic: they lie in our belief and value structures which shape our relationship with nature, with each other and the lifestyles we lead.” (Ziauddin Sardar, Islamic Futures, New York; Mensell Publishing Limited, 1985, p.218)
We are living in an era of spectacular scientific and technological advancement.  We have dominated the earth, the skies and the deepest deeps. Our life has become more cozy and comfortable... More
Reflections on Ecology

PROF. U. MUHAMMAD IQBAL turns the pages of the Qur’an and the Prophet’s traditions to show how Islam has made its followers ecologically responsible in order to keep the earth worth living.
Man is a social being. He has to live not only for himself but also for others. He owes a great deal to other living creatures. He has to pay attention to the environment because he has a name and a local habitation in it. Ecological responsibility is a very important area which he can ignore at his own risk. The survival of his species is deeply linked to the way he keeps the environment free from pollution.
Muslims today constitute a large part of the world which is under-dev... More
"Deadly dozen" diseases seen due to climate change
A “deadly dozen” diseases ranging from avian flu to yellow fever are likely to spread more because of climate change, the Wildlife Conservation Society said on October 7. The society, based in the Bronx Zoo in the United States and which works in 60 nations, urged better monitoring of wildlife health to help give an early warning of how pathogens might spread with global warming. It listed the “deadly dozen” as avian flu, tick-borne babesia, cholera, ebola, parasites... More
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