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Vol. XLVII No. 28, 2009-10-18
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Haj Subsidy Requires Explanations
Many Muslim leaders, activists and periodicals have been saying for long that the government need not pay the so called “Haj subsidy” but it fell on deaf ears. Now leaders like the Prince of Arcot Mohammed Abdul Ali,  Syed Shahabuddin and Asaduddin Owaisi have also said so. The best thing to do in this regard is to invite biddings from various airlines in India and abroad for Haj group travels and designate the lowest bidder as the official carrier of the Haj... More
Obama Epitomises Imperialistic Empire
Awards are conferred upon people when they have accomplished something tangible and not for mere pledges to achieve meaningful results. In Obama’s case, he has neither achieved peace nor has he undertaken efforts to establish the foundations for world peace. No sooner had Obama received the prize for peace he convened his war council to discuss how best to wage a war in Afghanistan. Obama’s war council is also deliberating options to expand America’s war in Pakistan. Ameri... More
Ban Cola, Liquor and Cigarettes
It is unfortunate that in India, lust for revenue by the government makes commoners suffer from diseases caused by harmful products. A total ban on cigarettes, as in Ireland and Bhutan, is also not imposed to avoid loss of revenue even though the fact remains that the government spends much more on diseases caused by smoking and on advertisements against smoking. Since cola-drinks, liquor and cigarettes are responsible for the various diseases, a total ban on cola, liquor and cigarettes sho... More
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