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Vol. XLVIII No. 23, 2010-09-05
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Islam: The Alternative

The idea that, following the collapse of communism, the world was to become one-dimensional impressed me as misguided triumphalism, as a misjudgement typical of what ‘Third World’ people denounce as cultural imperialism: the eager expectation that sooner than later – the ‘project of modernity’ (profanely known as the ‘American Way of Life’) was to become the obligatory model for all other societies around the globe – as if there was no alterna... More
How Islam Protects Environment

SYED SULTAN MOHIDDIN discusses how Islamic teachings ensure protection of environment. Islam stresses that man, who has been given control over nature, must not exploit it in a way that may disturb the fragile equilibrium in Nature.
Islam stands above all the contemporary religions in the world, to speak forcefully about the importance of preserving and maintaining the ecological balance. The word “Earth” (ard) appears no less than 485 times in the holy book of the Quran. The men and women are described as Allah’s vicegerents on Earth. “Lo! We offered the trust upon the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it and man assumed i... More
Islamic Response to Globalisation

DR. SYED KHALID IQUBAL HAIDER pleads that Muslims’ response to globalisation should be positive, utilising the opportunities it offers, while the symbols which invigorate Muslim belief should not be sacrificed at all.
‘Globalisation’ is a buzzword, a fashion today to use it frequently in a positive connotation. It seems it gives the message of togetherness, of world-citizenship, and of communities in a single whole world which is a village. Another argument in favour of globalisation is in the idea of self-knowledge through contacts with that culture which is unlike ours: while trying to know the other, I’m re-elaborating the image I have of myself; I develop my self-knowledge as I try ... More
Islam can be the Alternative, But...

Islam can be the alternative. It stands for truth and the right path, which has no option. It would be wrong to attribute its birth to the coming of the last Prophet––Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)––but Islam is in the world since the creation of universe. The very first man, Adam, was the first Prophet of Islam to be followed by Noah, Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), David (Daud), Jesus Christ to name a few. The true followers of all these Prophets during their respec... More
Women Lead in Conversions in America and Europe
Islam Emerges as the Alternative for Them

The first convert to Islam was not a man. It was a woman, Khadeejatul Kubra, a respectable trader and merchant.
The first martyr of Islam was also not a man. It was a poor woman, Sumaiyah, wife of Yasir, killed by Abu Jehel with a spear.
4 OUT OF 5
What is surprising in this context if women of America are showing the way to men. And 4 out of 5 converts are women over there? Islam also permeates lives... More
Islamic Finance: An Ethical Alternative to Conventional Finance

Robert E Michael, the Head of Islamic Finance at the New York City Bar, when asked whether Islamic Finance is a viable alternative in the current crisis, responded saying: “The answer is clearly yes, but for two mutually exclusive reasons. On the one hand, it is clear that, properly employed, Quranic restrictions would have prevented the excesses of leverage and gambling on derivatives that lead to the current collapse; on the other hand, however, those same restrictions woul... More
What Makes Islam Live Long?

The slogan ‘Long live Islam’ apart, it is already living and kicking. At no stage of its history Islam has lost is presence or relevance. It is interesting to note that what makes it do so.
However, one point needs to be stated. When we are talking about Islam for this write-up, we are referring to the faith, religion and deen (way of life) taught in the last book of Allah, the Holy Quran, and practised, elaborated and propagated by the last Prophet, Muhamma... More
Hurdles the Ummah should Remove
To Make Islam the Viable Alternative

MAQBOOL AHMED SIRAJ says that we cannot think of presenting Islam as the alternative as long as we do not address our accumulated weaknesses and strengthen our academic and socio-economic base.
Most believers of ‘Islam is the alternative’ campaign grossly overestimate the capacity of the followers of Islam. They mainly go by their increasing numbers which is purely a result of demographic expansion. Their increased visibility in the West also boosts their confidence. Some even feel flattered by catchphrases – propagated even by the official American literature – like ‘fastest growing religion in the US’. They are also easily misled by such refra... More
Alternative Islamic System of Health

DR JAVED JAMIL examines the current definitions of health, analyses them and brings out how Islamic definition is most comprehensive. Then he explains how Islamic alternative system of health ensures complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well being of society.
Health is arguably the most important gift of nature to man. Without health, life becomes an unmeaning burden. But to maintain health requires exactly what the economic fundamentalists loathe: discipline in life with plenty of restrictions on activities. The worship of Hygeian is not tolerable for Mammon. “Restrictions” and “prohibitions” are words that do not exist in the lexicon of the bazaar.Health is also or must be perhaps the most easily recognisable criterion ... More
As If He is Your Bosom Friend

SHAMIM A. SIDDIQI takes stock of man’s utter failure in his efforts to seek justice, peace and security by following various isms, asserts that success can be achieved only with the help of Divine Guidance, and calls upon the Muslims to play a role model in their individual and collective lives.
Since the time he was placed on earth as the vicegerent of God, man, using his free will, has been ever trying his best to carve out different systems of life at different times to live the way he likes. In the primitive time, man lived the life of nomads and social anarchism. Then he switched over, in gradual process, to tribalism, feudalism, monarchies with religious hierarchies, and absolute kingship with the growth of time to get justice, peace and security. But, at the end of the tunne... More
The Ultimate Alternative

U MUHAMMAD IQBAL makes a brief study of different alternatives and writes in a scholarly manner how Islam provides the ultimate alternative in the various aspects of life.
There are many religions which may be looked upon as alternatives. Islam is one such alternative. Lateral thinking gives importance to maintaining a bank of alternatives for every situation.
Prophet Abraham (unto him be peace) offers a comprehensive definition of Rabbul aalameen which encompasses the vital roles that God plays in every individual’s life. “The Lord of the universe (is the one) Who created me and Who guides me; Who gives me food and drink, and who when... More
Islam: Only Viable Answer
to Society's Disintegration

ABDUL–MAJID JAFFRY analyses the problem of disintegration of family and its effect on society, especially in the west, and opines that only Islam can offer a comprehensive solution.
It goes without debate that family is the foundational building block of any given society; without the healthy family system the society, as we came to know it, is bound to disintegrate and wither away. Stable and sound family structure, naturally, translates into a healthy and balanced community. On the other hand, the social ills and chaos of a society lay at the doorstep of marriage and family deterioration. The strength and cohesiveness of the building block, or lack of it, leaves a di... More
Islam: The Alternative Way to Peace and Prosperity

PROF. JAMIL FAROOQUI gives details as to how Islamic beliefs and principles fulfil, in the best possible and most practical way, the human aspirations and needs and build a healthy civilization which is morally sound and highly successful.
The modern world has achieved tremendous success in terms of material development. It has provided better living conditions to human beings and devised better means of satisfying human urges. Human life, in nutshell, is now considered more and more comfortable. Human beings have developed new dimensions of knowledge, achieved excellence in science and technology and tried their best to make their stay on earth more comfortable and this world a place worth living in. Humans have, so to speak... More
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