Friday 22nd Sep 2017
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A new Centre for Qur’ānic Studies, “K.A Nizami Centre for Qur’ānic Studies” (KANCQS), has been established in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The centre aims to encourage and promote study of the Qur’ān from a wide range of scholarly perspectives. Besides conventional methods, this centre will use e-learning and modern ICT facilities. It will start functioning in the next academic session 2011-2012.
Khaliq Ahmad Nizami Centre for Qur’ānic Studies will be a unique centre of the 21st century of Qur’ānic learning. The director of the Centre for Qur’ānic Studies, Dr. Ahtisham Ahmad Nizami, who was Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology, AMU, said, “It will provide conventional education such as learning Nazirah, Hifz, Tajweed, Qirat, Tarjuma and Tafseer of the Qur’ān through language lab, conference room, website, seminar library, networking and Information Communication Technology (ICT) facilities. Research and publications will be the part and parcel of this centre. The centre will also arrange seminar and lectures on different related issues of the Holly Qur’ān.”  The director further said that the centre will cater to the needs of the university students interested in different areas of Qur’ānic studies. It will provide an institutional link with other centres of Islamic learning in India and abroad. It will also facilitate international co-operation with both individuals and institutions who share the Centre’s primary interest.
Dr. Ahtisham said that KANCQS is an autonomous body which will function separately from Faculty of Arts, Social Science and any other centres of AMU; even it will function separately from Theology Department of AMU. The centre will be directly answerable to the Academic Council of AMU.  
In view of the special provisions of the AMU Act and the importance of national and international centre for excellence for Qur’ānic studies, the Executive Council of AMU, on the recommendation of its Academic Council, has established the KANCQS primarily devoted to research and learning.
The building, including inside beautiful mosque, has been constructed for the centre through private donations, at a cost of Rupees 2.5 crores. It is situated in university campus adjacent to the Sir Syed Academy.
The building has been furnished and equipped through a grant from UGC under its 11th plan. The UGC also has provided four positions in the lecture’s grade to meet the centre’s objectives. The sanction for the non-teaching, technical positions is awaited. As soon as these positions are filled up, the centre will be inaugurated and made functional. 
The University has decided to start the Centre after the name of late Professor K.A. Nizami (1925-1997). He had been associated with the University for nearly half a century. He joined the University in 1947 and held the offices of Professor and Chairman of the Department of History; Provost of Sir Syed Hall; Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Pro-Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. He was a prolific scholar who wrote over 50 books covering various aspects of Indo-Muslim history. He was among the first to activate academic interest in the study of Ulema and Mashaikh of India.

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