Sunday 24th Sep 2017
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The Miscarriage of Justice

Readers Pulse

The quality of judgement delivered by the special fast track court in the Godhra train burning case has shaken the faith of all Muslims in the Indian judiciary.  While the court has found ‘conspiracy theory’ as tenable, the “main conspirators” Moulana Umarji and Bilal Hussain Kalota who were charged by the police to have exhorted Muslims to commit the crime were let off – which glaringly point at the miscarriage of justice. Assuming that 31 accused in the case found guilty by the court were the ‘real’ perpetrators of the crime, who will recompense the agony endured by 63 innocent people who had been in jail for nine long years? Why the Gujarat police was not taken to task by the court for falsely implicating them?  Of what use are the U.C.Banerjee committee report and the finding by forensic experts that the fire in the S-6 coach could have been caused by an inflammable fluid in the compartment?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin
Kadapa, A.P.

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