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Islam, Not Internet Inspired Revolution

Readers Pulse

Shamim A. Siddiqi made a sad statement in the article “‘Egypt is free’–’Egypt is free’, Alhamdulillah” (Radiance 22-26 Feb, 2011). He wrote, “In these mass movements and would-be uprisings in the near future, the role of Islamic Movements has been, and very likely to be, very nominal or marginal. Unfortunately they could not feel the pulses of their youth who organised the mass uprisings through Internet services on mass scale and have given new dimension to the use of Internet services.”

It is very sad and unfortunate that our educated brothers have become so impressed by the instruments used by the people in Egypt to spread their ideas, that they have failed to recognise that the protests were a result of the Islamic Movement active in that part of the world for quite a long time.

Who are the people during these 83 years that fed the youth with the ideologies to fight the tyrant? These efforts of the Islamic Movement are very much recognised by people across the whole world. It is Islam which has inspired people to come on the warfront for the sake of justice and humanity. This urge for struggle for justice came about from the Islamic Movement and was not downloaded from the internet! Internet and mobile phones were the mere means to propagate their protests. The point I want to put across is that they SPREAD their fodder through Internet; it was not CREATED by it.

Md. Farooque Azam

Kolkata, W.B

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