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Waiting for
the Just World Order


Humanity, having traversed the thousands and thousands of years’ long and winding road of history, full of ups and downs, failures and successes, has reached a stage, when its numbers have swelled to a staggering seven billion men and women. We cannot claim that in the field of thought and action, knowledge and development, and arts and science we have reached the pinnacle because progress is an unending endeavour and ever-continuing process.

But we are sure about one thing: there is much to be achieved and much more to be desired, and we lack the moral and ethical excellence which can be rightly expected and demanded from the highest of God’s creations – man.

Modern life is characterised by more negatives than positives: war and conflict, exploitation and tyranny, injustice and inequality, greed and deceit, restlessness and directionlessness. Man in spite of possessing unlimited resources stands bewildered and confused.

Similar was the condition of humanity when 1400 years back Providence decided to send the last Messenger to lift mankind from the abyss of moral degeneration and take it towards the Divine Light of Guidance. It was a complete code of injunctions and commandments for changing social, economic, political and all other aspects of human life. Islam was implemented in its totality and it became the leader of humanity for the next thousand years.

Islam with all its details is intact. The long history of its achievement stands behind it. It has the inherent capacity of guiding and shaping the destiny of man in the modern times. It has depth and breadth and is strongly rooted in human nature. It can ensure intellectual, spiritual, social, and cultural wellbeing of not only Muslims but the whole humanity. The Arab Islamists, having passed through the unparallel oppression spread over six decades, have sprung up with a new mandate to change the destiny of Arab and Muslim world. It gives the hope that inshaAllah other Muslim countries will take a cue and do the needful to shape their future in the light of Islamic teachings.

It is for them, and for Muslims of 58 independent Muslim countries, and the other Muslims who are living in every nook and corner of the world, who form one-fourth of humanity, to prove through the words and deeds that Islam can provide the just world order that the world needs. Action and concrete action is the need of the hour. Will the Muslims act and provide the answer to the question the seven billion strong human beings are asking?

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