Saturday 23rd Sep 2017
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Covering Thousands of Crore

Readers Pulse

The Election Commission move to cover statues and symbols constructed by UP state Chief Minister Mayawati in Noida and Lucknow would need procurement of material, transportation and arrangement of manpower. Almost one crore has already been expended to get polythene and cloth for draping the statues.

People are already aware of how much money was spent on all those statues and symbols. It is sad but they know the truth and which can’t be kept hidden like this. People are not fool; they know whom to vote and on what basis. In fact, covering of statues does not matter as these are known to voters.

It is really hard to understand the decision of EC. By covering the statues, what are they going to achieve? Investing time and money in such useless stuffs is sheer waste of money. It’s the winter season and more than these non-living statues, the poor and shelter-less people deserve a cover of blanket for them.

Pushplata Bhandari

New Delhi

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