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India must Take Initiative
to Salvage Irano-US Crisis

Cover Story

DR. S. AUSAF SAIED VASFI analyses the Feb. 15 Israeli diplomat car attack, and suggests to New Delhi to intervene, along with Russia and China, to salvage Irano-US crisis.

Much to the general chagrin and dismay, the West-Asian theatre arrived in India on Feb. 15, causing less-than-serious injuries to the spouse of an Israeli diplomat, dealing with defence. The diplomat perhaps happened to be the real target. So has happened in Bangkok, where the bomber was maimed in one of the three targeted explosions by different persons at different times. So has also taken place in Tbilisi in Georgia, where fortunately the bomb was detected and defused.

On the very morrow of the sad event, Teheran, in its own wisdom, showcased its atomic progress to the world – the fourth generation centrifuges, which can enrich uranium thrice as fast as before and indigenous fuel rods.

Observers feel the demonstration to that effect should have been postponed for future. But it has diplomatic advantages also. For example, the step has set off panicked chain reaction, and the world now knows where Iran stands.

Our Intelligence apparatus, as usual, failed to anticipate or catch the suspect. It is regrettable, particularly because the entire drama took place in broad daylight. Perhaps our Intelligence apparatus, like most segments of the polity, also believes in laissez-faire. The Union Home Ministry, again as usual, did not take action against the lazy and the derelict.

So far the political commentators have expressed their feelings of disgust at the failure of the counter-terrorism on all the occasions of crises.



After having been done little in concrete terms, after 26/11, should the plural nation or its rascals now take the national unpreparedness into stride? The tragedy occurred less-than-500 metres from the Prime Minister’s official residence. Was there any system of security around to protect the Head of the Government? Why did the CC TVs not record the number of vehicles? Many of our police officers do not know that some diesel-burning cars do not have compressed-gas cylinders. How is it that after bombings in Delhi and Mumbai emergency-services were conspicuous by absence? Two ships which could have any lethal explosives, washed up undetected off Mumbai. Why the dream of the third great power status not have a world class institute for teaching intelligence and investigation as well as forensics in a scientific manner? How is it that the IB has slashed 6-month training period from six to three months? There are not many language experts and skilled Intelligence officials. Why?

The national emergency response apparatus is almost non-existent, to quote The Hindu (Feb. 15) which has done a thought-provoking edit on the subject containing the said points under an appropriate headline: “Painting fangs on a lamb”.



A pertinent question is being raised in quick succession: Who did it? The wise have yet to come out with the truth. But the cynics’ response is unambiguous: Israel’s Mossad did it so that the volume and area of world sympathy for Israel may expand, paving the way for nuclear attack on Iran. Notwithstanding this extraordinary but possible logic, it is being suggested in hush-hush tones at the highest diplomatic level in New Delhi.

Now a new challenge stares right across our face. The challenge of Magnet Bomb is formidable because few, it is alleged, know all about this simple-looking killer. The magnet bomb is also called the Limpet Bomb, because of the manner in which it can be stuck to the vehicle of unsuspecting target. It is causing sleepless nights to the concerned. The limpet bomb liquidates an individual with precision. It is not meant to cause maximum damage as seen in the case of bombs stuffed with RDX. It has been fathered by Israel. To quote an editorial of The Asian Age (Feb. 15): “It is widely believed across the world that Israeli agents carried out repeated limpet mine attacks against Iranian nuclear scientists in Teheran, killing a few crucial figures. These strikes initially seemed mysterious but international experts eventually zeroed in on Israel which aims to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Before dealing with “settling account with Israel in Delhi,” let us recall that the US think-tanks, have more often than not, created the impression that they have failed to appreciate the logic behind aggressive methodology adopted by some Muslims.

First, they feign ignorance. They know each and everything clearly. Secondly, if they really do not know, let them recall that Israel exists on the land of the Palestinians. Israel does not exist on its own territory. It is the grabbed lands, lacking in legal and moral justification. Add to it the periodic annexations and expansions in the Palestinian or Arab land.

What has added to the woes coupled with helplessness of the deprived is the role of the United Nations, which happens to be a handmaid of the United States and its allies. Further add to it the privilege of the veto, which is in the hands of the selected few, who have vested interests. The brazenness with which the US has used veto to the detriment of Palestine is a classic example of shamelessness. It is the deprived, it is the dispossessed, it is the disgusted, it is the justice-denied, who, in utter desperation, resort to the unacceptable means of redressal of the grievances. One sees a peculiar ganging up over there. The US, the UK and the entire Europe is one on the subject – the determination to protect a plunderer, a thug, a roughneck, called Israel, which, each and every enlightened person knows, is a transplanted state.



The Arabs in general, who could salvage the problem, have mortgaged their self-respect, self-esteem. It is in the safe-custody of the United States. The Sheikhdoms compete in keeping America happy. It is in these unhelpful circumstances that Iran has risen from the dust after the unceremonial departure of then Iranian monarch Raza Shah Pehlavi to Cairo, decades ago.

The United States remained in deep love with Iran till its tyrant monarch kept them in good humour. After the arrival of Allama Ayatullah Khomeini from France, where he was in exile, the United States executed a U-turn in its Iran policy, which in brief is: “shun the democratically elected government in Teheran because it does not owe its allegiance to us.” To Washington, Teheran is a pariah. And if this pariah tries to become a nuclear power, its crime gets doubled.

The point is: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? It is the firm opinion of the Indian Muslim leadership that plural Bharat has the guts and the moral authority to intervene in the situation. Let New Delhi sound Moscow and Beijing of its initiative. If India, Russia and China become one, in the long run this triumvirate can alter the situation, motivatedly created by the United States and the European Union. Let us not disappoint ourselves.

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