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Inside India

Eminent lawyer and key Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said that communalisation of the Indian police force is a big problem and the root cause of fabricated cases against “innocent” Muslim youths. “By fabricating terror cases, the police are actually creating ground for making real terrorists from the Muslim community,” he said. He said this trend has destroyed many innocent lives across India. He was speaking at a press premier of documentary film ‘After the Storm’ at the Press Club of India to mark 10 years of communal riots in Gujarat. “Police throughout the country are clearly communalised. Narendra Modi has communalised the entire state through his propaganda campaigns,” he said.

Cautioning that such victimisation could even result in wrong convictions if the victim did not have resources to fight for justice, he claimed that even if acquitted, the victims lose five to six years fighting the case and suffer from social stigma of being labelled a terrorist. He blamed sections of media for sensationalising such stories. “Some of the terrorism could also be result of such false victimisation. It won’t be surprising to say 2 per cent of these victims turn to terrorism due to such atrocities,” Bhushan added.

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