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Inside India

Anil Kumar Arora – a retired employee of Bhagat Singh College in South Delhi – was pushed to the ground after he rushed to his son’s help when the latter was being dragged to the police post by Constable Vikram Singh. The son, Mohit Arora, 32, who runs a fitness centre in east Delhi, stopped his car at Dhaula Kuan to ask the policeman where he could fill his water bottle.

“A constable (Vikram Singh) was speaking on his mobile when I asked him where I could fill the bottle. He said nothing and a passerby told me to go to the police post. As I started doing so, the constable stopped me and started abusing me,” Arora said in his complaint. “The constable (Singh) took me to the police post and he and the duty officer started misbehaving with me. When my father arrived and asked the policemen what happened, the constable pushed him and he fell,” Arora said. The police said a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been registered against Vikram Singh and he has been suspended.

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