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Clash of Civilizations

Debate on Islam


The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, in an interview to Russia Today (Apr 2012) said that Israel, US, Europe and Russia are in one basket, while some fanatics among Arabs opposed to western culture are trying to brainwash them.

Diplomats and politicians continue to have baskets of their choice even as history bears witness to the fact of unity of humanity (progeny of those carried in Noah’s Ark) (refer to my article on ‘Islamic Management’ – Radiance Viewsweekly - 28 Aug-3 Sep 2011). The only natural division among people in universal religion of Islam is that of piety or belief or following true guidance. For example, Allah says: ‘Is he who walks prone without seeing on his face, more rightly guided or he who sees and walks upright on a Straight Way?’ (67:22).

The present day boundaries on the globe and differences among the so-called nations are outcome of one impinging upon the rights of another on one pretext or the other.

As pointed out in (the Introduction to) MUHAMMAD in Parsi, Hindoo and Buddhist Scriptures by AH Vidyarthi and U Ali (IBS-N.Delhi-2), ‘a religion having all the features of a national cult or sectarianism with its twin sister racism has been the root cause of all the mischief and ills we are facing in the world’.

The features of so-called western culture such as ‘considering the goal of life as one that concerns the belly and that below the belly’ or ‘khao pio aur jio’ and the Machiavellian principle of ‘everything is fair in war, love and politics’ seems to have been adopted just like some Christian rites (cited below) from some barbarians, Romans or the Roman mythology. These were parts neither of original ethics of Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) nor of Aryan religion.

As to how the western culture evolved subsequent to the brain washing by Romans, Roman emperors and believers in the Roman mythology can be understood by having a cursory look at (the book) JESUS a Prophet of Islam (by Muhammad ‘Ataur-Rahim, Millat Book Centre-Third Edition-1983).:

In Preface (of first edition-Page No. 1) the author writes: ‘an eminent scholar of Christian history admits that the present-day  Christianity is a mask of Jesus, but goes on to say that a mask worn for a long time acquires a life of its own and it has to be accepted as such. The Muslim believes in the Jesus of history and refuses to accept the mask. This in a nutshell has been the point of difference between Islam and the Church for the last fourteen hundred years.

Subsequent to the differences among the followers of Jesus, a Council consisting of the Roman Emperor Constantine and various bishops agreed (pages 98 and 99) to the following: since worship of the Roman Sun-god was very popular throughout the empire at that time, and the Emperor was considered to be the manifestation of the Sun-god on earth, the Pauline Church therefore:

-Declared the Roman Sun-day to be the Christian Sabbath;

-Adopted the traditional birthday of the Sun-god, the 25th December as the birthday of Jesus;

-Borrowed the emblem of Sun-god, the cross of light, to be the emblem of Christianity;

-And decided to incorporate all the ceremonies which were performed at the Sun-god’s birthday celebrations into their own ceremonies.

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