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Dawah is Obligatory, We must Do It



Islam, which began in the land of Arabia, spread all across the length and breadth of the globe in a very modest span of time. Giving Dawah is of prime importance in Islam as it takes people from darkness to light. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) emphasised the importance of Dawah in his last sermon when he said, “So those who are present inform (about Islam) those who are absent.” To highlight the significance of Dawah, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind organised a programme on the ‘Importance of Dawah and its Opportunities’ at its headquarters in the Capital on 15 December.

“The Glorious Qur’ān enjoins the believers to invite people to Allah and at one place Allah has described Dawah as His personal work as Allah said to Moses, ‘I have chosen you for my work’ (i.e. to give Dawah to Pharaoh),” said Mr. Naseem Ghazi stressing the importance of Dawah.

Citing various ayaat from the Qur’ān and ahadith, Mr. Ghazi proved that it is incumbent upon every believer to disseminate the message of Islam to all those who are unaware of it. He refuted the claim of many who say that one needs to be perfect and all-knowing before giving Dawah and quoted the hadith ‘Spread (the message) from my side, even if it is a single ayat.’ He further added that the society and the whole world is in dire need of the divine message that would be like a balm to their messed up lives and hence Dawah is the demand of humanity and we must not feel shy and averse to it. Some people believe that the problems of humanity can be solved by acquiring more and more seats in the parliament, however in reality all the problems could only be solved by treading the path which Allah revealed in his last testament.

Besides, he also mentioned that it is not a voluntary act but our Akhirah (hereafter) is linked with our actions in this world. Allah has commanded all of us to enjoin good and forbid the evil. It is a hukm of Allah and we must perform it with sincerity. Doing Dawah is the foremost and the primary role and Iqamat-e-Deen (establishment of the rule of Allah) can only be achieved by doing Dawah among the people as a whole.

As for the opportunities of doing Dawah, Mr. Ghazi narrated many incidences where non-Muslims and even members of VHP and BJP showed their inclinations towards the truth of Islam and accepted that there are many misconceptions about Islam in society. Hence we must do what Allah has commanded us to do.

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