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‘There’s No Short Cut to Success’



Human Welfare Foundation, Delhi and P.M. Foundation, Kerala organised an awards distribution function for Academic Excellence-2012 at Hamdard Public School in New Delhi to boost the morale of meritorious students from Delhi and Haryana.

Altogether 100 students from Delhi and 50 from Haryana, who had scored 79 to 92 per cent in their high school examinations, were awarded a certificate along with Rs 1000 each. The visible smile on the faces of students and their parents and teachers revealed that they have moved a step forward but at the same time parents believed that persistent hard work is required to keep the momentum going in order to achieve excellence in various fields of education.

H. Abdur Raqeeb, Chairman, Indian Centre for Islamic Finance, in his presidential speech, said it is painful to note that despite the fact that Ilm was obligatory in Islam Muslims are far behind Dalits and other weaker sections. He further said students should strive for not only excellence in education but also ethics in education. He also told the students that the only way out to achieve success is to be competitive and more creative. Skill development and effective communication is also important for growth and success.

Mr. Naseem Ahmad, former Chairman Haryana Wakf Board and former VC AMU, said students should think big but with their feet firmly on the ground. He further said there is no short cut to success and life is full of struggles but struggles are step towards success. Firm resolve, hard work and commitment can overcome all obstacles.

Mr. Safdar H Khan, chairman Minority Commission Delhi, emphasised the need to make students more aware of schemes available and the need to educate girls because if we educate a girl ultimately the entire family is educated.

Three schools from Delhi and three from Haryana were also honoured for their performance in the last three years. Hamdard Public School, Rabia Public School and Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Senior Secondary School from Delhi and Aravali Public school, Haryana Senior Secondary School and Al Falah Model Senior Secondary School from Haryana were declared recipient of these wards. Zakia Majid Siddiqui, Principal Hamdard Public School, while talking to Radiance, said she was pleased to receive the award and would like to share it with students for making the school proud of their performance. Mohd Khalid Khan of the same school shared his joy, saying it became possible with the support of teachers, parents and friends and the award would certainly motivate him to achieve his goals.

Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed, MLA and chairman of Haryana State Haj Committee said education is an important tool to uplift society, and the government and the institution can strive together to provide ample opportunity for weaker and marginalised students through various schemes and policies.

Suhail KK, Director Public Relations of HWF said the basic aim of the Foundation is to make students better human beings so that they can serve their community and country.   

An aptitude test was also conducted to decode interest and skills of the students in order to make students and their parents aware about the skills and what they can pursue in their career.

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