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Unearth Root Causes before Jumping on to Punishments: Nusrat Ali



There is a need to dig in to the root causes behind the increasing rape cases in the county before we jump on to the question of punishments and penalties. The primary responsibility is to understand the reality and reasons. These are the views expressed by Nusrat Ali, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He said, emphasising each word, “First close your doors then come up with suggestions on punishing thieves if they dare come in after all.” Mr. Ali was explaining the eleven points of JIH which were submitted to the Justice JS Verma Committee in a public meeting at JIH headquarters in the capital on 12 January. The committee has been given a task to look into the defects of existing anti-rape law as it seems the law is unable to prevent people from the heinous act. The committee had invited public opinions in this regard.

The Jamaat leader said the recent gang-rape and brutality in the capital was a condemnable incident. But what is more condemnable was the behaviour of police and passers-by, who did not come to help the victims while they were shivering from cold and crying for help on a busy road. He further said that our educational system must be developed in a way that it help cleanse one’s inner self and refrain one from committing any type of crimes.

He further suggested that the government should ban all sexual intimacy outside marriage including live-in-relationship. He said, “It (live-in) is a nuisance for youngsters. It destroys the nitty-gritty of the family.” He further elaborated it by saying that the marriage is meant to further one’s generation. But the couple does not take care of their children in such type of relationship. He asked, “Why the couple does not marry each other if they are too much committed and devoted?”

Taking the issue of co-education, he said, “There is a long discussion on the merits and demerits of co-ed system. As far as we (JIH) are concerned, we do not consider it as a good system as it promotes sensuality among students.” He said that the government should arrange separate educational facility for girls. “We are not alone to criticise the co-education. Some other organisations too are of the same opinion. There are hundreds of colleges in western countries as well, meant for girls only,” he added.

He ended by saying that establishing Fast track courts is a good idea, but the real need of the hour is fast track justice and not just fast track courts.

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