Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019
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JIH Plea to Justice Mehra Commission to Ensure Security to Women


Following are the 16-point suggestions Jamaat-e-Islami Hind submitted to Justice Usha Mehra Commission to ensure safety and security to girls and women.

1.   Alcohol is the root cause of all evils and crimes, particularly against women, so it should be completely banned across the country. 2.   Only proper marriage by free will of man and woman must be recognised as the legally permitted form of legal sexual intimacy. All sex outside marriage including live-in-relationship must be declared illegal and punishable. 3.   Marriage should be made easy. Timely marriage must be encouraged, all forms of dowry be abolished and all unnecessary expenditures be curbed and made punishable. 4.   Co-education should be gradually abolished and proper education facilities meant only for women must be provided at all levels of education. 5.   Educational institutions should prescribe sober and dignified dress for girls. 6.   Services of religious institutions and religious leaders should be sought to reform society, inculcate moral values and awareness against crimes especially in the new generation. 7.   Police reforms should be implemented without much delay. Not entertaining FIRs or making delay in entertaining FIRs must be made a punishable offence. 8.   Dark areas must be identified and proper lighting should be installed there. Police pickets must be installed in deserted areas and roads so that police can reach at crime spot at the earliest. Besides, CCTV cameras should also be installed in those areas. 9.   In emergency cases, victims of an accident should be rushed to a government hospital or a private hospital, whichever is nearest to the site of the said accident, and doctors at work must entertain the case without any hassle. Doctors on duty at a private hospital must be made legally binding not to refuse entertaining such a case, even when it is a police case. Members of the public passing by an accident site should also be encouraged to take interest in rushing such victims to the nearest hospital on humanitarian ground. Our law and enforcement machinery should be barred from harassing such citizens who volunteer for this cause.

10. The criminal laws in this regard should be made more stringent, and the judicial procedure must be simplified and made faster.

11. A special instruction must be issued by the Government to all the police stations that jurisdiction should not be a barrier in registering criminal cases against woman immediately and all such cases must be reported swiftly.

12. All the public vehicle manufacturers must be asked to install a Speed Tracking and GPS module at public vehicles. The public vehicles already on road must have GPS in a time frame.

13. A special late night transport system must be started for women. The vehicles must have GPS, CCTV camera and woman security staff.

14. The electronic and print media, TV programmes, films and advertisements must avoid improper exposure of woman and doing such so be made a punishable act.

15. Women staff at private companies should not be allotted night shifts and odd working hours.

16. The upper age limit of juvenile should be brought down to 16 years from 18.

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