Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019
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Home Minister Should Now Take Practical Steps: JIH



Welcoming the statement of the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde that the poison of hatred and communalism is being spread for a long time in the country by the organisations like RSS and BJP, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has urged Shinde to take the necessary and practical steps in this regard.

Speaking to the press at the JIH headquarters on 2 Feb, he demanded a high-level investigation about the innocent Muslim youths who have been implicated in bomb blasts and violent incidents, which in fact were handiwork of communalists. He further said that the government should make thorough investigations about Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Sanstha and other different Senas that are the source of terrorism and communalism in the country.

Regarding the recent anti-Muslim riots in Dhule, Maharashtra, and the communal role of Police in it which led to the death of six innocent Muslims, the Jamaat leader asked the state and the central governments to take immediate and effective steps to reform police and castigate the communal elements within its fold. Expressing apprehension regarding the attitude of the police which was openly partisan, atrocious and communal, Maulana Omari called for a judicial enquiry through a High Court judge in this matter. He further said that such an attitude of police is fraught with grave dangers for the future of the country.

As for the matter of the recently proposed Lokpal Bill and the security and safety of women in the country, Maulana Omari reiterated the need to instil God-consciousness among the people. It is only the realisation of God and the fear of accountability before Him that can transform the thinking and attitude of people towards crime and other immoral activities. Corruption cannot be solved by legislation alone; instead, there is a need to bring in the concept of God and the sense of responsibility and it is through this only that complete eradication of corruption or crimes can happen.

Answering to the questions of the media persons regarding Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam, the Jamaat leader maintained that the stand of the Tamil Nadu government is correct and one should not allow movies that rupture the friendly and harmonious cord among the different sects and communities living in India.

He further took a dig at the statement of Praveen Togadia, in which he said that he will not allow Muslims to vote in the country. Maulana Omari said that such statements create friction and must be condemned vehemently.

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