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Our Next Prime Minister, Who?


This is the subject being hotly debated in media, especially after some BJP men mentioned Narendra Modi as their choice. People get the rulers they deserve. But we as a people are not so degraded as to have a person like Modi to preside upon our affairs.

Mr. Rajnath, BJP president, who knows about the disagreement in his party itself about Modi, has been careful enough to scoff at the rumours about choice of Modi when he said that the party will propose the name at the appropriate time. Yes, there is no hurry as there is one full year for the final choice.

One important question is about the credentials of Mr. Modi. Is he not a tainted chief minister because he burnt the fingers in controlling the Gujarat massacre 2002, which resulted in more than 2000 deaths and widespread devastation unknown in independent India? There are clear indications and lots of allegations about the involvement of his government in the massacre. After all it was he who was controlling the government of Gujarat during and after the infamous riots. At the least he is guilty of dereliction of duty of saving the Muslim citizens of Gujarat. His attitude then, and even after the riots, was clearly questionable.

Modi’s theory of action and reaction and his subsequent sarcastic remarks of child producing relief camps of victims, his refusal to rehabilitate the riot-devastated people and constant refusal to condemn the riots are proof enough that a person like him does not deserve the high office of the Prime Minister of a democratic country like India. It is brazenness on the part of BJP to propose his name for the high office. Even if his party proposes his name, the other constituents of NDA will not agree to this.

Besides, it is one thing to be a successful chief minister in a state and quite another to become popular and acceptable in the whole country of the dimension of India. Perhaps the Congress is scared of Modi as it is also suffering from image denudation because of corruption charges against several of its central and state ministers, besides inability to control price rise.

A number of political observers are seeing the hanging of Afzal Guru in this context and saying that the action was taken in spite of the fear of very severe reaction in Kashmir Valley and adverse comments by European Union on the case. They are seeing the hanging as an answer to counter the BJP’s move of harping on renewing the Ram Temple movement.

Nobody knows what is in store for the country in the near future. But it is a foregone conclusion that Modi as a PM will not be acceptable for the large sections of this forward looking, democracy loving nation which believes in rule of law and justice.

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