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With the outbreak of violence during the opposition’s National Salvation Front demonstrations in Cairo and other cities in Egypt, a new coalition called ‘National Conscience Front’ (NCF) has been announced. In its founding statement, the NCF on 10 February said that it considered itself the nucleus of a broad national conscience, representing all Egyptians, that will ensure the continuity of the revolution, and defend the rights of Egyptians to freedom, dignity, justice and welfare.

Although the NCF is not a political party, its membership includes representatives of many existing parties. Initially, the NCF’s first priority will be to stop the shedding of blood of Egyptians and defend Egyptians against calls to violence that use Egyptian blood in a desperate struggle for power that threatens the survival of the Egyptian homeland and people.

During his speech at the launching ceremony, the NCF leading member Ibrahim Yousry said, “The Front is determined to face up to anyone who wants to push Egypt into the abyss, into national suicide. It will confront those who want to burn this homeland. Today, the national conscience has a voice and will speak out. I call on all patriots to listen to the voice of reason. I do hope conflict and strife will soon be stopped. There is absolutely no need to mobilize, vandalize and set the country ablaze. We have elections in only three months.”

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