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If We have Taqwa, No Act can Go Wrong


Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Ladies Wing conducted its first ever women’s conference in Chennai and witnessed a numerous gathering. A KHADIJA KHAJA has more…

With more than 3,500 women audience, 200 volunteers, 10 dignitaries on the dais, 4 eminent speakers, live streaming accessible to all across the globe, the first ever Muslim women’s conference held by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) (Ladies wing) in Chennai witnessed to be simply a grand success. Taking a day’s off from home routine and activities, thousands of women gathered for the sake of Allah at the conference on “Ideal Muslim Woman” organised exclusively for the ladies of the city. The conference aimed at enlightening rich Islamic teachings on women to understand and fulfil their duties towards Allah. The conference’s main focus, as the theme suggests, revolved around the teachings of the Qur’ān and Sunnah in evolving an Ideal Muslim Woman.

The conference commenced with the recitation of the holy Qur’ān with translation. The city president Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Shabbir Ahmed, in his inaugural speech, emphasised the responsibility of every Muslim to establish Islamic way of life and this should be done collectively so that one can face national and international problems with the guidance of Allah. He also informed the audience about the policy and activities of the Jamaat.  

The convener of the conference, Fathima Jalal explained the motive of the conference and some guidelines for the day and also informed about the activities of the JIH Ladies Wing in the city. Asma Bi, Ladies Wing organiser of Coimbatore, delivered a speech with practical examples on the central theme. She emphasised the duties of a Muslim woman both individually in a family and collectively in the society.

Dr K V S Habib Mohammed, Vice President Islamic Foundation Trust, inspired the audience by his thought-provoking speech calling the Muslim women, as said in the Qur’ān, ‘O Believers, become helpers of Allah’. He sketched out clearly the different status and responsibilities of a Muslim as Abdullah (one who worships and obeys Allah), Khalifatullah (the vicegerent of Allah), Waliullah (one who is loved by Allah) and Ansarullah (helpers of Allah). He said, “You must always strive to attain the higher level in Deen, and also specified that unchecked freedom is the root cause of all evils, so we cannot take full freedom as Allah’s vicegerents. Today, people treat religion like a shopping kart experience. They read about the religion and pick what they would like to follow and leave what they consider difficult and unlikely to them.”

Writer and Translator, Maulavi Nuh Mahlari’s speech on Hijab was indeed a very informative one and an eye-opener. Addressing the most important issue of time, he said, “As the eyelid protects the eye, Hijab protects a Muslim woman and it is on the basis of her belief which is a command from Allah. Hijab in Islam does not stop only with the dress worn physically but taqwa (piety) is the best dress. A woman should not think that she can do anything if she wears Hijab but should be conscious of Allah of whatever she does. And it means Hijab is for one’s eyes, ears, tongue and heart.” Further he quoted real life incidents of woman companions from the Islamic history. 

State Organiser of Ladies Wing JIH, Ummatul Waheed Fakhira delivered a speech on the role of Muslim women in the reconstruction of the society. It is the duty of every Muslim woman to implement Islam and give the valuable treasure of Islam to the society. She quoted ‘As a Muslim woman we should know who we are, what our purpose in life is, our responsibilities, what our Lord wants from us and what will be our status in the Hereafter’.

The morning session wrapped up with the release of a book Hijab by Maulavi Nuh Mahlari.

The afternoon session commenced with a cultural programme, an Islamic drama performed by the students of Girls Islamic organisation (GIO). Following which started a symposium on ‘Threats faced at homes and solutions’ , with three speakers, Jareena Yousuf, Hamida, and Sajida and moderator A Khadija, Assistant Organiser JIH Ladies Wing.

The participants pinpointed different threats such as television and cinema, mobile and internet, and lack of safety of women. They focused the present situation faced at homes and the innumerable problems associated with it. They also brought to light the side effects of these threats on children, youth and also on the women and how they deviate from the right path without the knowledge of true teachings of Islam.

Moderator A Khadija concluded the symposium by saying, “No matter how much technology may have advanced with time, if we have Taqwa in our hearts, no act can go wrong. It is necessary for parents to bring up their children in an Islamic manner and supervise their usage of technology.”

An essay competition was held for higher secondary school and college girls prior to the conference, on the topics - the status of women in Islam or Muslim women in the reconstruction of the society – Awards for the winners were distributed.

On behalf of the JIH Ladies Wing, some resolutions were adopted.

In the concluding speech, Maulavi Haneefa Manbaee stressed the importance of life after death and how to strive for the Hereafter. Representing numerous positive responses from the audience, Farah Sulthana said, “I came with an intention to leave by noon but the conference was extremely informative and interesting with speakers giving examples from real life. I finally attended the entire programme and I was very much satisfied and there was not a slight distraction. The information I gained from this one day was immeasurable.”

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