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Tazkiyah Key to Everlasting Success



He indeed shall be successful who purifies himself” (Al-Quran 84:14)

This was the central theme of the talk of Maulana Muhammad Farooq Khan, an eminent scholar whose Hindi translation of the Holy Qur’ān is widely known along with the Hadith compilations which he has authored. The occasion was a workshop organised by the Islamic Study Circle of Shaheen Bagh at Jamaat-e-Islami Hind headquarters, New Delhi. Themed ‘Islam in Global scenario’, distinguished scholars deliberated on the global appeal of Islam and its message. The proceedings were attended by professionals and students brought together from all walks of life.

The eloquent speaker that he is, Maulana Farooq Khan vividly explained the Islamic concept of Tazkiyah (self-purification) and how it was the key to everlasting success in the hereafter. He articulated his stress on the need for self-improvement under the guidance of the divine word. The speech was made all-powerful by his captivating gestures. Questions on Tazkiyah were also raised, which he judiciously answered.

The day progressed with a brief introduction to Islamic Study Circle (ISC). Mr. Muhammad Kamran threw light on the vision and activities of the group which under the patronage of Jamaat-e-Islami has brought together like-minded professionals. He elucidated that a cause as noble as service to Islam motivated them to collaborate over events like the organisation of Islam-themed book-stalls and workshops. The Neighbourhood Outreach Forum, a banner under which the group operates, was also brought to light before the audience.

Keeping monotony at bay, the ‘Hilal-e-Nau’ team delivered with great energy ‘Kabhi Ay Naujawan Muslim tadabbur bhi kiya tune’ a tarana by Allama Iqbal. Translation of the lyric was projected onto a screen, helping the audience keep pace with its spirit. The message appeared to have been well received as an electrified audience broke into a round of applause. The chorus was followed by a presentation of three Hadiths. Three members of the Study Circle read out a Hadith in Arabic along with the translation.

By now, the strength of the house had swelled to well over 120. Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, a renowned scholar and Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, was invited onstage as the second speaker. The theme of his talk was ‘Islam in global scenario’. Mr. Aslam, being a widely travelled person, shared several of his personal encounters with people of other faiths. He emphasised the fact that the teachings of Islam are always embraced, when presented in the right way. Towards the end, he invited questions, of which there were many.  The house broke for Lunch and Zuhr prayer.

Eliciting participation from the audience, an open discussion tied only by its topic ‘Empowerment of Ummah, How?’ was organised for the post-lunch session. Almost everyone from the audience volunteered to express their thoughts but time allowed only few a chance. Weaknesses of the Ummah were pointed out and solutions suggested. Every opinion was unique and gave a new angle to the proceedings. In the end, Dr. Muhammad Rafat was called upon to preside over the discussion. Dr. Rafat, professor of Physics at Jamia Millia Islamia, is greatly sought for his structured speeches and precise comments. He summarised the points which had proceeded in the discussion.

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