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Civil War in Syria a Political Game: Zafarul Islam Khan



There is a high level political game being played in the name of Syria by all international bodies, some by extending their support to Asad’s ruling party and some others to rebellions, thinking of their own causes and advantages in the region. China and Russia see a great ally in Syria against America and that is why they never allow any action against it while the United States of America, by helping rebellions, aims to control the country’s economy. The views were expressed by Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, president All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, during his talk on ‘Situations prevailing in Syria and Turkey’ at the headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in the national capital on 15 June.

The speaker stated that the civil war in Syria is a political clash and not a sectarian one as is being claimed by different media houses. The ruling party in the country is oppressing unarmed protesters and since the party belongs to Shia it is not fair to say that the Shias are fighting Sunni civilians. Hezbollah and Iran are supporting Syria because the latter had supported the two when they were facing tough times. But one among the audience, objecting his point strongly, said that all the available sources suggest that this is a mere sectarian vendetta and not a political clash.

Dr. Khan claimed that almost all important and historical cities in Syria have turned into debris during the civil war which started two years ago. And, after the war, it will take dozens of years for these cities to return to its original look and the deplorable condition of the country’s economy will attract the American companies and they, in return, will establish their oil refineries only to hold their complete control on  the country’s economy for years.

Coming to the situation in Turkey, Dr. Khan, who also edits the Milli Gazette, said the situation in Turkey is completely opposite to that in Syria. In Turkey, the number of supporters of the government is far more than that of protestors who have some petty demands like allowing abortion and opening of bars till late night. Adding, an Israeli commander said in an interview that he had danced joyfully when he knew of Turkey’s situation against its “tyranny” government. The speaker claimed that the ruling party has garnered around 54 per cent votes in the last election and still holds majority to continue its regime in the country. 

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