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President Morsi Victim of Western Conspiracy

Cover Story


Is the time for salvation and success still far away? Has the stage of acceptance of the supplications of thousands of wronged and oppressed Ikhwanis for deliverance from almost 75 years of sufferings and ordeals still not come? Who is there in the Muslim world offering more sacrifices of lives, honour and properties than Muslim Brotherhood for the Noble Cause of Islam in the Muslim history of the recent past? Which of the political and religious parties throughout the Muslim world has avowal of the loss of careers and bright future of their highly talented workers higher than this organisation founded by Imam Hasan Al-Banna? Who had been the biggest victim of the military rules except Muslim Brotherhood?

After about 60 years of tyrant and heavy handed despotic rules, when the clamped down Egyptian people were sighing for an openness, longing for their rights and waiting for a democratic atmosphere, there came for them an opportunity to show their free will in deciding whom they wanted as their first democratically elected president. They must had shown their respect for Ikhwan because they were the people who had been, for a long time, inundating the land of revolution for good with their blood; yes for freedom and justice, for the recovery of usurped human rights, for an honourable life not only for themselves but for whole of the Egyptian nation, for the coming generation.

After Mubarak got deposed, Muslim Brotherhood at first did not want to land its candidate in the presidential election. But very soon it was felt that some powers within and out of Egypt, with their evil designs, did not want the dreams of the Egyptian peoples for change come true. There were clear hints that principal beneficiaries of the ousted ruler were determined to uphold the stinking old system. Supreme Council of Armed Forces appointed by Hosni Mubarak and having their loyalties with him was in full command at their posts.

A large ring, as alleged in reports, of around three million people from almost every class of the society, closely linked with Mubarak, was a dirty pond of corruption. From the top posts to house servants, including cooks, gardeners and drivers of the presidential palace were part of it. Even mimics and buffoons who had the job to amuse the old man played their part as liaison between the president, his family and his cronies. They had their shares in the corruption game. The creature from show-biz was naturally against Ikhwan. Most of the TV channels and renowned columnists and journalists had their own hateful role in anti-Ikhwan campaign.

Corrupt bureaucracy was entrenched as usual. Rusted administrative machinery was at its place enough to fail the revolution. Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister before fall of Mubarak, had come to fight for the presidential post. Another contender, El Baradei was choice of the western powers. Amr Moussa, former head of the Arab League, had his secret meetings with Israel’s opposition leader Tzipi Livni, assuring her of keeping the Israeli interests in sight if elected. For the western power, all the three were fit for their objectives. So in one way or the other all the three opponents of Morsi enjoyed support of not only Israel and western powers but very interestingly conservative leadership of the Arab States who also did not want the Islamists to come to power. Arab media continuously remained spiteful and malicious towards Ikhwan and Morsi.

Though the odd situation did not seem so favourable yet Muslim Brotherhood decided to field its candidate. At first Khairat El-Shater, its Deputy Head, entered the arena, but he was declared disqualified. After it was going too late for the campaign, Dr. Mohamed Morsi was fielded to contest the election for the topmost post. In spite of all odds he won and rose as the first elected president of Egypt after 60 years of its history. It was difficult for the leftists, secularists and also different powerful mafias to digest an Islamic figure in the presidential palace. A large number of misguided and leaderless liberal minded youths, not ideologically and morally trained but edified only by social media, were another element very easy to get used for creating trouble and demonstrations.

Muslim Brotherhood paid enormous price for its commitment to its faith and ideology for the last six decades. Thousands of its activists had been subject to the brutalities of tyrant rules of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. Hundreds were there whose corpse came from the jails where they had succumbed to ferocious torture. A great number of its first and second row leadership, its intellectuals and scholars suffered the terrible consequences of taking their lines different from that of the cruel rulers of the past.

And now when a new sun of change had risen and ‘Arab Spring’ has become the metaphorical expression for a free, just and democratic social and political system, hooliganism was made a tool for removing an elected president from his post. Egyptian top military commander and defence minister had his secret meeting with Chuck Hagel only a week ago and all was decided there. In the past Muslim Brotherhood was open prone of the ruthlessness of the authoritative rule and now it is exposed to rowdiness and gundaism of the political rivals. Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters and house of its leader Khairat El-Shater became the target of ransacking, looting and torching. Morsi is under siege. Conspirators have succeeded; dark forces have become winners. Alas! Al-Azhar, the renowned religious seat of the Sunni Muslims did not delay in endorsing the military coup.

Al-Azhar has the same history regarding Muslim Brotherhood. Before putting his brutal hand on Ikhwan around 1965, Nasser administration had hammered out a false story that Ikhwan had hatched a plan of assassinating Gamal Abdel Nasser. As a pretext Islamic Affair Ministry had added a 150-page supplement to religious magazine ‘Member Al-Islam’ for free distribution. Its opening article was by Sheikh Hasan Mamun, then head of Al-Azhar. The readers of this writing should not be surprised that the heading of that article was Ash-Shaitan Ikhwan fid-Deen Ra’ee. It is the awful history of Al-Azhar.

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