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Vol. LI No. 20, 2013-08-18
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Who Killed Indian Jawans?

Who killed 5 Indian jawans this week? The answer varies depending on who answers the question.  Pakistani army invaded Indian territory and killed our jawans. A group of terrorists dressed as Pakistani soldiers did it. Some Pakistani army personnel accompanied by terrorists were responsible. Whichever may be the right answer, the truth is the death came from Pakistan and the government of Pakistan failed to stop it from coming. The prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif needs to take th... More

When Mentally Challenged was Above All

This is in reference to the news item that a mentally disabled Iraq man can read the Qur’ān in reverse, (Radiance, 4-10 August). Certainly, it is no less than a miracle because what he can do is beyond the reach of an individual. It is a gift of the Almighty for Hussain Adnan Sabri who can’t even count properly from one to ten, cannot read and write, and cannot locate his house from the street, but when asked to read the Qur’ān, he can read the Qur’ān in reverse. Ev... More

CBI Provides Information under RTI Act

At last Vigilance Cell of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has given some information about details of complaints that resulted in any action against CBI personnel in last three years. Otherwise most other units of CBI were not providing even information relating to corruption and human rights violation which is not exempted under Section 24 of RTI Act for exempted organisations including CBI listed in second schedule of RTI Act.

CBI cannot claim exemption by being under second s... More

This is Their Way of Living

This is apropos of your editorial “The BJP’s Language Politics” (Radiance, 4-10 August). You have rightly said that ‘politics is a dirty game, more so when it comes to the sangh parivar’. The politics of BJP is in fact based on hate-others principle. This ‘party with a difference’ has learnt from Hitler, Mussolini and Machiavelli singularity of life – the art of living excluding peoples of other faiths and cultures even at the cost of truth and ... More

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