Thursday 17th Aug 2017
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Serious Apprehension

Readers Pulse

“When there is a will there is a way, but when there is no will there is a survey.” The Sachar Committee Report is just at a stone’s throw from the long acknowledged notion of Indian democracy. After 20 months of arduous toil the committee at least succeeded in presenting a report on the plummeted conditions of the largest Indian minority. Instead of discussing the recommendations and modus operandi for the augmentation of opportunities and assuaging their nightmares the debate is now (ludicrously) on the credibility of the credentials.
And now with the Arjun Singh’s announcement of recruiting a committee to review Sachar Committee’s Report the situation is feared to worsen. In such state of affairs when the hour will come and when the attention will be paid to the serious ointment of cauterisation of Muslims since and even before the independence, is not very clear. Because there is serious apprehension that there will be no committee to re-review the committee’s report recruited to review the Sachar Committee’s report!

Khan Yasir
New Delhi


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