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Eve's Corner
Vol. XLIV No. 28, 2006-12-31
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Hijab Unveiled

After the storm…the lull. It’s amazing, the amount of din, a piece of cloth – the scarf, could generate. But like other controversies, this has also subsided, but not without leaving its traces. Its ripples can be still felt on some faces when they encounter hijabs and veils – a raised eyebrow or a crease in the nose… (as if I’m fettered.)

True, now that all opinions and discussions have been exhausted, it do... More

Female foeticide stirs DU girls

While the Parliament was passing the Bill to prevent child marriages, students of Delhi University raised their fears and concerns about the vanishing girl child in India. A group of students from Delhi University’s Miranda House College organised a skit where they vehemently showed disgrace towards female foeticide and child marriage that still exists in major sections of Indian society.

"I have friends in class who come from families where ... More

The child marriage law gets more teeth

It is not uncommon to see children – more often girls who have still not reached puberty – being married off to men much older than themselves in villages in India. However, these sights, which are reminiscent of the medieval ages may soon be a thing of past now for the Rajya Sabha on December 14 passed the Prevention of Child Marriage Bill.

The Bill gives substantial teeth to the Government to prevent child marriages in the country. Accordi... More

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