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Vol. XLIV No. 41, 2007-04-15
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Find Alternative to Shari'ah Courts

It's true that adultery in Islam warrants death punishment in some cases. But it can only be awarded by an authentic and established Shari'ah court after gathering sufficient evidence and largely after studying the case in great detail to identify whether it does call for the death penalty. The killing of Mumtaz by a group of young men in Melapalayam, Tamil Nadu goes against the laws and teachings of Islam and is definitely wrong. Moreover, such types of Shari'ah courts with the given authori... More

Give Innocence a Chance

The Indian mainstream media have not taken kindly to the ban on sex education in schools by the government of Maharashtra. They blame the politicians of pandering to obscurantists and ultra-conservatives and call it a struggle between modernity and regression. They believe that sex education will only add to children's knowledge and remove sexual repression and perverted notions of sex. They claim that sexual repression leads to sexual crimes and a lack of sex education will lead children to ... More

Give Innocence a Chance

On the subject of prevention of AIDS, one wonders why Congress Government chose, sex education to children – presumably at the insistence of UNICEF, while disregarding another very effective prevention device highly recommended by World Health Organisation – another UN organization that is primarily concerned with public health (UNICEF is about culture). WHO recommends circumcision as the most effective health precautionary measure to fight AIDS. Let Congress government get its He... More

The Men in Blue

The Men in Blue were never in contention for the World Cup considering their recent dismal past performances abroad. The idea that they were the front-runners for the trophy was just falsely manufactured and spread via commercials throughout the country by the brand companies in order to market their products. But in doing so, they have played with the hearts of millions of Indians. Obviously each one of us may have dreamt of a victory for Team India but the aspirations may not have reached t... More

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