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Vol. XLIV No. 52, 2007-07-01
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Patil's Disparaging Remarks -I

One wonders how it was possible for Ms. Pratibha Patil to make disparaging remarks about the veil, distorting historical facts. She did not even think of the secular and pluralistic character of our country. It reminds me of the teachings of Thiruvalluvar, an ancient famous Tamil poet who once said: “One should use his/her tongue carefully without hurting anybody as the fire burns can be healed and not the burns inflicted by the tongue, and that even an ignorant person is alright in the... More

Patil's Disparaging Remarks -I

The Shariath Protection Council of Tamil Nadu vehemently condemns the baseless and sacrilegious assertion of the Presidential candidate Ms. Pratibha Patil that the “purdah system” came into vogue to save Hindu women from the Muslim Mughals. The staunch Congress worker is singing in the Sangh Parivarian tune, obviously, to garner a portion of the votes of the Saffron brigade and its political satellites. Coming events cast their shadows ahead.
The Council demands to... More

Politicisation Mars Growth

India may be lagging behind China in terms of economic growth or becoming a global manufacturing hub, but it has outpaced in creating the maximum number of jobs among the BRIC nations. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its Employment Outlook 2007 report released on June 19 said that India, the world's second-fastest growing economy after China, generated more than 11 million new jobs every year during 2000 to 2005 – higher than Brazil, Russia and China.... More

Western Hypocrisy

When Palestinians voted Hamas to power two years back, no less a person than the former President of United States of America, Mr. Jimmy Carter hailed the electoral process as free and fair. The West, which proclaims itself as the cradle and harbinger of democracy, did never recognise the government of Hamas simply because it did not serve its interests. Can there be any bigger example of hypocrisy than this? 
The chaotic situation prevailing in the Middle East due to the infight... More

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