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Vol. XLV No. 7, 2007-08-26
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Implement Srikrishna Panel Report

Kudos to Congress leadership for assuring implementation of Srikrishna Commission report. Indeed the Commission was to examine both the anti-Muslim pogrom of December 1992 and terror strikes of 1993.  While the political establishment has acted resolutely in meting out justice to those responsible for the outrage of January 1993, it has been enigmatically silent on the original sin of December 1992.  In the month-and-half long pogrom more than 2000 Muslims were butchered.

... More
The Bigger Deal

It was a roller coaster for Manmohan Singh at the time of going with the nuclear deal.  When one looks at the negotiations between Indian and US officials, at every stage, it is India which has bowed down while it is the US which has given in. The question isn’t what has India gained but why the US is willing to give up so much for it, and what lies ahead for us. A cursory look at the 22-page 123 Agreement should tell you: India’s concerns with the dr... More

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Lots of hue and cry over the Mahendra Singh Dhoni who was recently named as captain of the Indian cricket team for the upcoming Twenty-20 World Cup in South Africa. I am really amazed by the various reasons posed for selecting him as a captain. He is an aggressive right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper.  

Mahendra Singh Dhoni represents the class of wicket-keepers from the ranks of junior and India A cricket teams who have represented the national team. Apart&... More

Thank You

Radiance is helping me to overcome the misconceptions and falsehood spread against Islam. The Holy Qur’an offers something to everyone and everything to the faithful. The much criticised polygamy exists everywhere but unofficially. Islam gave official recognition to the same to save the rights of women. The highly criticised jihad too is seen everywhere. The Christians had crusades and the Hindus had Mahabharata, a live example for jihad. It is interesting to make such discover... More

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