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Vol. XLV No. 8, 2007-09-02
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Muslim Empowerment or Muslim Enslavement

I am really very much surprised to learn through the Radiance Viewsweekly that a veteran politician like Syed Shahabuddin, who has scarified almost everything for the cause of Muslims, thinks that if greater numbers of Muslims are elected in Assemblies and Parliament on the tickets of different parties, the Muslims in India would become more powerful. They can only become powerful if they come with a mandate of Muslims. Who knows better than Mr. Shahabuddin about the state of affairs of Musli... More

Punish the Culprits

The Ashok Malhotra scandal in the shameless acquisition of plots meant for the weaker section of the society by the land mafia-official-politicians nexus is to hit the Delhi government.  It is so sad to notice how the media attention fades from mega scandals like these within a span of few days. The media needs to chase this issue with all vigour till the issue touches its end.  The nexus must be brought to light, the taxpayers of this country shou... More

Improve the Get-up

The first glance of Radiance Viewsweekly (19-25 August 2007) overwhelmed me. But all the smile on my face soon faded away as I noticed the words SPECIAL ISSUE super-scribed on the title cover of the magazine. Why not bring the regular issues of the Radiance in this get-up even if it means an increase in its cost.

The features and articles brought in this issue are all worth reading and the Special Issue as a whole worth preserving.

I read with special interest the interview of... More

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