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Vol. XLV No. 13, 2007-10-14
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Justice and the Islamic Conceptual Matrix

Belief or faith is the foundation of the Islamic way of life and in the Islamic terminology this foundation is termed as “Iman”. “Iman” implies an implicit trust in Allah and His messengers; a “trust” which is unperturbed by doubts or confusions. When the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be with him) was asked, “What is Iman?”, he replied as follows:
“Iman is belief in Allah, His angels, His messengers, His (revealed) bo... More
Justice Delivery System in Islam

Islamic laws mainly aim at protecting the five important indispensables of religion, life, intellect, offspring and property. To preserve these five indispensables, Islam has adopted two courses. One is through cultivating religious consciousness and awakening human awareness through moral education. The second course is by inflicting deterrent punishment, mainly the hudud, qisas, and tazir (discretionary punishment).
Islamic laws are not like other ab... More
Justice and Ideal Society in Islam

PROF. JAMIL FAROOQUI explains how Islam envisages an ideal human society based on justice as the cardinal principle of life and as the basis and deciding factor of collective dispensation.
Justice is the basis of human life and the cardinal principle along which human society operates. Shah Waliullah considers it as an essential moral trait of human being as well as an outstanding and distinctive characteristic of human society. It encompasses all the aspects of human life and enables one to live in peace and harmony with other fellow beings. According to him “when justice is expressed in dress, manners and mores, it is adab i.e. etiquette. When it is maintaine... More
Concept of Justice in the Bible and the Quran

U. MUHAMMAD IQBAL presents a comprehensive picture of concept of justice and its implementation in the worldly life and the hereafter as propounded by the basic scriptures of Christianity and Islam.
Islam may be defined as a proactive, dedicated, and single-minded pursuit of guidance from Allah (2:38) to Allah (76:29) with Allah (8:19) on the way of Allah (42:53). This pursuit of guidance is done with a view to come out with flying colours on the Day of Judgment. This Day becomes the focal point for Muslim existence. A Muslim sets much store by it because it unravels the purpose and the mystery of the bewildering phenomena of life and the universe. Belief in this Day brings hope, reass... More
Concept of Justice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The protection of the rights of all human beings, irrespective of race, colour, creed, nationality, or language, is central to any conception of justice. The state of human rights in a nation is directly related to national and international security, and this indicates that justice is a condition for security and peace. Justice can be defined as the morally correct state of persons and their affairs. It is a virtue enjoined by religions and honoured by the wisdom of generations.
It's an Iniquitous World

An increasingly corporatised economy is marginalizing people and placing premium on profits for the few, thereby altering the goals of governance. MAQBOOL AHMED SIRAJ uncovers the seamy underside of the development campaign and argues for restoring c
Most of us do have some vague perception of the people’s problems but a clear understanding of the root causes eludes us. We agree that poverty, crimes, ill health, violent crimes and environmental degradation stare into the people’s eyes. Popular press spits outs these clichés ad nauseum and ordinary people lap them up. Common man’s mental resources are limited and cursory glances at the headlines is what brings to him something by way of knowledge and ana... More
A Tale of Two Reports
Institutionalisation of Communal Biases

In the wake of the punishments being meted out to the culprits of Mumbai blasts of 1993, the logical demand of punishing the guilty of 92-93 Mumbai carnage came up from different sections of society. Many a delegation met the political leadership to demand implementation of Srikrishna Commission Report. This Report impeccably pointed out the role of different leaders, from Shiv Sena-BJP and even some from Congress, in the Mumbai riots. Their crimes of commission and omission are there for a... More
Reluctant Justice and Hesitant Government?

Justice is a comprehensive term that covers the entire gamut of a citizen’s life. Its importance cannot be exaggerated in a plural polity like ours. After sovereignty, justice is the only essential ingredient of state and statecraft.
Is our social, political, economic and judicial system, dispensing justice to the desired extent? If not, why? Is it bias or prejudice or discrimination alone that is an impediment? Or the malaise has a past and roots in history? Why men and ... More
Justice Delivery System and Indian Muslims

VISHAL ARORA says that the Muslims are grossly disadvantaged in getting benefits from the judiciary. He pleads that corrective steps should be taken up promptly.
The three most important factors on which the delivery of justice depends are: independence of judiciary, its accountability and the administration of police. Unfortunately, all the three areas are plagued with gross problems in India, paralysing the justice delivery system and making it out of the reach of weaker sections of society and religious minorities.
One may wonder why independence of judiciary is a problem in India when its judges function independent of the executive.... More
PoWs in the Eyes of Islam and Modern Civilisation

The exposure of the treatment meted out to the Prisoners of War (PoWs) in Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo is appalling. However it is just tip of the iceberg and it seems that several Abu Ghraibs and Guantánamos must exist on the world to carry out the diabolic designs of big powers. Still an account of some of the fortunate prisoners who managed to sneak away from those “hells” will illuminate on the abominable environment that prevails inside.
Ameen Saeed A... More
Justice sine qua non for Peace

The UNESCO describes “An Agenda for Peace Definitions” as follows:
“Peace is dynamic. Peace is a just and non-violent solution of conflicts. It generates equilibrium in social interactions, so that all of the members of society can live in harmonious relations with each other. Peace is good for society. Where there is violence there is no peace. Where there is injustice and absence of liberty, there is no peace. In order for there to be equilibrium in the d... More
World Peace and Justice

ASIF MOAZZAM JAMAI cites examples from individualsâ lives as well as governmentsâ policies to point out that for development of society peace is a must and peace cannot be attained if there is no justice.
The quest for peace is an eternal pursuit for human fulfilment. Human beings can become human and humane only in conditions of peace. Similarly, social justice is an important prerequisite for peace in the world. An unjust social system is like a temporarily dormant volcano whose eruption can be expected any moment. History stands witness that whenever justice was denied, it caused social unrest and turmoil in society.
We have headed into twenty-first century, which is an era of... More
No Justice, No Peace, No Security

The entire cosmos is running a phenomenon that is based on justice and is controlled by a homogeneous order. Its every inanimate object is strictly following the trajectory assigned to it, fulfilling the objective for which it was created, heading towards its ultimate destiny in an extremely immaculate manner. There is no overlapping of one by another. Every object is strictly abiding by the rules and regulations that are meant for it. As such, there is complete discipline, peace and harmon... More
The State Secedes from People

The newspapers in Mumbai carried a shocking story under the headline ‘The State is out of lives” a couple of years ago. It was about one Mhatre, an ailing pensioner, getting his gangrenous foot amputated by a Mumbai local train after discovering that it could not be removed for less than Rs. 15,000, the amount demanded by a Mumbai hospital. In another incident, newspapers were splashed with pictures of a youth in Lucknow burning himself to death as policemen looked on. He had re... More
Snow Job in a Desert
Justice American Style

ABUL KALAM describes how Bush administration, in the name of fighting terror, is intruding on peopleâs civil rights and undermining the rule of law and judicial process.
(Justice must not only be seen to be done, but must seen to be believed)
American constitutional traditions guarantee justice and fair play. But exactly what American “justice” means in times of “war on terror” has become not very difficult to define, especially as two different cultures have come into conflict. History has preserved only a small part of what American justice had done to the native Americans.
In a recent editorial the New ... More
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