Thursday 17th Aug 2017
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Tehelka Expose

Readers Pulse

Thanks to the efforts of Tehelka, they leave left no stone unturned to expose the culprits of Gujarat 2002. The revelations in the Tehelka's sting operation, exposing the roles of the VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP as well as the police in the Gujarat riots  will certainly bring shame to our beloved country, which seeks strength from the Constitution and its democratic and plural ethos. The burning of helpless passengers on the Sabarmati Express and the killing of Muslims during the riots that followed it are issues which will be analysed relentlessly. But the instant fallout of the expose is not difficult to predict. The expose has once again underlined Narendra Modi’s role in the riots. It will further erode his credibility, which is crucial in his endeavour to become a national hero. Since spy cameras have not yet gained credibility in the court of law, Modi may put up a ‘brave’ face in public, but the Sangh Parivar shall have to worry about the judicial consequences for the people confessing their crimes on camera.
Md Ziyaullah Khan
Pune, Maharashtra

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