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Vol. XLV No. 16, 2007-11-04
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Tehelka Expose
Thanks to the efforts of Tehelka, they leave left no stone unturned to expose the culprits of Gujarat 2002. The revelations in the Tehelka's sting operation, exposing the roles of the VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP as well as the police in the Gujarat riots  will certainly bring shame to our beloved country, which seeks strength from the Constitution and its democratic and plural ethos. The burning of helpless passengers on the Sabarmati Express and the killing of Muslims d... More
Remarriage of Widows
The Chief Minister of UP honoured the widows of police personnel on the Police Martyrs Day. It is a laudable gesture of Mayawati. The appalling aspect of this event is that all the widows are still young and they cannot remarry! If they want to marry once again, they have to forgo their pension. The best honour to them is to allow them to remarry the youths of their choice without losing their pension. The new husbands will look afte... More
West's Double Standard
The brutal assault on the convoy of Benazir Bhutto is reprehensible in strongest terms. Normal wisdom in the present international milieu would suggest that it could be a vile stratagem played by the West and throw the blame on the Al-Qaida and Taliban outfits. For Washington, there will be no better stooge at the helm in Pakistan than Parvez Musharraf.  Despite her western leaning, Benazir could never match the “yes-man” stooping of the General, who hunted down thousa... More
Mother of Sting Operations
Criminals Confess Their Crimes
Tehelka sting operation has once again laid bare the naked truth of Gujarat’s state sponsored anti-Muslim carnage of 2002. What makes it different is that the criminals are seen bragging about and confessing their crimes before the spy camera. This has brought before common TV viewers and newspaper readers a new equation: RSS, BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal = killings, murders, rapes and arsons.
The crimes have been brought to light in the words of the perpetrators themselves. I... More
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