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Muslim World

“He is not a true believer who goes to bed well-fed while his neighbour is starving and he knows that.” This is the message of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be with him). The hadith is being displayed on 426 electronic, lightening and moving billboards decorating the streets of 12 Austrian cities. It is also shown on information screens in 10 metro stations in the capital Vienna. This is part of a campaign by Austrian Muslims to introduce the Messenger and his merciful teachings to their fellow countrymen. Last year Austrian Muslims championed hundreds of ads with a prophetic hadith reading: “The best human being is the one who is most beneficial to mankind.” It was widely covered by local and foreign media in the European country. Such campaigns are spearheaded by The Islamic Federation in Austria, one of the popular Muslim bodies in the country, representing about 20,000 Turkish Muslims.

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