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Vol. XLV No. 22, 2007-12-16
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Prosecute Modi
It’s a disgrace to our great Indian democracy that Modi thumps his chest while justifying the infamous Sohrabuddin encounter and neither the law enforcement agencies nor the courts of law have yet taken any action against him. It will be even more shameful and horrendous if Modi comes to power once again as it will imply that the people of Gujarat too subscribe to his wicked designs and ways. This will have an awful impact on the victims of Gujarat riots who have been isolated and liv... More
US Needs Rethinking of Policies
Irrespective of Hadley’s comments, the new NIE actually undermines much of the rationale behind the US-led push for a third round sanctions on Iran, by flatly contradicting what until now has been held as an article of faith by US politicians and much of the media. That is, the notion that Iran has been pursuing an open weapons programme via its uranium-enrichment and reprocessing activities. Such intelligence flip-flops on Iran simply reduce the credibility of any information on that... More
Her Presence Hurts
External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, speaking on Taslima Nasreen’s stay in India, said, “It is also expected that the guest will refrain from activities and expressions that may hurt the sentiments of our people.”
Her presence in the country is hurting sentiments of millions of people. She not only vituperated Islam but has proved arrogant in denouncing divine laws. Still, she receives respect, facilities and protection.
Contempt of religious... More
Living or Dead?
Failing to take suo moto action at once even after the clear most Tehelka expose of inhuman misdeeds of Gujarat devils would only mean that we can be clever and extraordinarily selfish lawyers, writers, orators, doctors and scientists, etc but not human beings!
Sultan A. Patil
Khanpur Deh, Bharuch
... More
Search of Refuge
Like Salman Rushdi, the writer of blasphemous and anti-Islamic, {Satanic Verses}, Taslima Nasreen too has been under backlash and flak of Muslim world for her anti-Islamic books. And after having been expatriated from her own home-land Bangladesh, she further has been expelled from, West-Bengal where she had sought shelter. This critical juncture of her cross road has provided opportunity to the opponents of Muslims in the garb like Narendra Modi, the notorious and infamous chief-minister o... More
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