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Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Vol. XLVI No.38, 2009-01-04
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
From Egypt to Bangladesh
Vol. LI No.20, 2013-08-18
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Political Implications of Ban on Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami
Vol. LI No.19, 2013-08-11
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Egypt's Al-Sisi Dragged the Country into Civil War
Vol. LI No.18, 2013-08-04
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
The Scourge of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Vol. L No.43, 2013-01-20
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Arab Spring: Promises and Challenges
Vol. L No.21, 2012-08-19
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Just World Order
Vol. XLIX No.43, 2012-01-29
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Let Us Refuse to Be Provoked
Vol. L No.27, 2012-09-30
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
The Islamists and Western Blinkers
Vol. L No.15, 2012-07-08
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
Death, Disappearance and Despair in India
Vol. L No.13, 2012-06-24
Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media
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Shrinking Space of Mainstream Media


SOROOR AHMED discusses the new dimensions of modern tools of information available to ever expanding circle of creative readers and viewers and offers a word or two of advice for mainstream media to know its limitations and take corrective steps to c... More


India must keep all options open except military action

RAJINDER PURI opines that in the atmosphere of Indo-Pak jingoistic talk India should categorically state that all options except military action will be considered.... More


After Flood Comes Threat From Sangh Parivar


Just as the flood water of river Kosi in Bihar receded the political temperature in the entire region, as well as the neighbouring states, went up. When people, cutting across the caste and community lines, were crying for help as the deluge was taki... More


Urdu Scholar Ralph Russell A Bartanvi Baba-i-Urdu

Prof. Ralph Russell, who died in London on September 14, was a remarkable person. He was an unrepentant communist, an aficionado of Urdu and a man of subaltern tastes. He combined all this while living in Britain. He taught Urdu to a wide variety of ... More




I am too good looking to be a politician.
       - Shah Rukh Khan, film actor
In the same lighter vein it may be said that politicians like Nehru, Indira and Rajiv were too good looking to be actors. Looks apar... More


Jamia Millia Islamia Constitutionally a Minority Institution

As per the Indian Constitution minorities in India are entitled to establish their own educational institutions. Article 30(1) of our constitution specifically mentions, “All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the rig... More


How to prevent the next Wall Street crisis

JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ, Nobel Prizewinner in Economics in 200, was recently in India. His lecture on the current global crisis has been widely reported in the Indian press. We are reproducing this earlier article by him, courtesy CNN.... More


Maulana Aamir Rashadi's Son Picked up by ATS Police Refuse to Register FIR

Renowned Islamic Scholar Maulana Aamir Rashadi’s son has been picked up by the ATS at Nagpur Railway station. The 22 year old Financial Analyst at Wipro has been charged under the Arms Act. SAAD BIN ZIA speaks to Maulana Rashadi to know the det... More


Concerns on Anti-terror Bills

Several organizations in a joint press release have said that the Government of India and political society as such have been increasingly using military language to emphasise the urgency of the situation and trying to introduce a distinct repre... More