Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency with Facial Tanning Lamps

facial tanners for vitamin d

The human body produces vitamin D because of the sun exposure that they enjoy. Vitamin D, which is essentially a prohormone, is essential for ensuring your body functions well. Getting enough vitamin D is important as it plays a role in protecting a person against certain diseases such as diabetes, some kinds of cancers, and infections.

Many people have a vitamin D deficiency and there are some risk factors for a vitamin D deficiency –

  • spending most of your time indoors
  • a poor diet devoid of fish
  • having a dark skin
  • the elderly
  • those who are overweight or obese
  • those who cover themselves in sunscreens
  • those living in areas where there is very little sun

It is interesting to note that low vitamin D intake is actually considered a public health concern across the entire globe. You can read interesting articles like this in Radiance Weekly and glean valuable insight into the world around us. If you don’t want to be part of the low vitamin D statistics, there are things that you can do to treat a vitamin D deficiency.

How do you treat a vitamin D deficiency?

  • You can take a vitamin D supplement. The RDI or Reference Daily Intake can be anything between 600 to 2,000 IU a day for adults.
  • You can adjust your diet to include more fatty fish and seafood. Fatty fish is among the richest natural food sources of vitamin D. Sardines, tuna, and mackerel are some examples of seafoods rich in vitamin D.
  • You can spend time in the sun which is the best source for this vitamin. This isn’t always possible for everyone. Then it’s time to look at a facial tanning lamp. These lamps can also boost your vitamin D levels.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a kind of non-ionizing radiation emitted by the sun and artificial sources such as facial tanning lamps. These UV lamps mimic the action of the sun and are sought after by those whose sun exposure is limited because of where they live. UV radiation has been used therapeutically for a long time but more recently it is marketed as a means to improve vitamin D levels.

Safety is always an important factor with these facial tanning lamps as too much exposure could burn your skin. That is why the manufacturer of these popular lamps recommends time exposure to make sure that you get the beautiful golden tan you want.

Vitamin D is very important for our health, and covid-19 has put special spotlight on the need for sun and for vitamin D as it strengthens the immune system. Indoor-tanning with tanning lamps makes use of moderate amounts of UV within a timed session.

Those who have developed a healthy looking tan this way say it comes as hight recommended as its private, convenient, therapeutic, and relaxing and you’re working on a good cause – building up a tan, your mood is enhanced and you increase your vitamin D levels – what’s not to love about all this goodness?

Adhere to the tanning session recommendations

People wanting to benefit from the facial tanning lamp always want to know how many actual lamps they will require. Most units come with either 4, 6, 8, or even 12 UV lamps.

More lamps spell a more all-encompassing experience and not only your face is included in the deal but your shoulders and chest too. Whichever brand or unit you invest in, remember to always adhere to the tanning recommendations for your skin type.

Vitamin D is extremely important to our health and the easiest way to get your dose of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight. There are many reasons why people don’t get out into the sun. Fortunately facial tanning lamps are an alternative option. These lamps are essentially tanning lamps, and it is why most people buy them, and discover to their delight that they can also get vitamin D.

Always keep in mind your skin type and increase your tanning times slowly. Stick to the tanning session suggested so as to avoid sunburn and damage to the skin.

Facial Tanning Lamps – such a worthwhile investment

In summary, facial tanning lamps have become hot property with covid-19, lockdown and isolation. These portable tanning devices have become a lifesaver – to improve your vitamin D status, to give you a lovely golden glow and to just make you feel good too. If you want to get more information on the facial tanning lamps you can visit Isn’t worth investing in one?